Hello Hangover

Top of the morning to ya!

I must say I was slightly suprised when you knocked on the door today – I only had two cans of lager last night and didn’t expect to see you until Boxing Day – never mind. Come in and make yourself at home.

Thanks for waiting until a vaguely decent hour before coming along, I’ve been able to get up make breakfast for the boys (even mashing a banana without gagging), scrubbed Ben’s table and mat and dusted polished and hoovered the lounge before you came to take up my time.

Its strange how you’ve grown up with me, in our student days I’d wake up to find you jumping up and down on my tummy and head, however for all your brashness you left quite quickly (once I’d held down a full English), now you prefer the more subtle approach, waiting for a few hours and then making me feel sicker and sicker.

To start with I feel slightly queasy but I know that in a few hours time my tummy will fill with acid and the only way to neutralise it will be crisps and chocs, which of course I can’t have (particularly as I drank two cans of lager last night). I could make fruit and bran muffins which do the trick but we both know I won’t want to stand weighing sifting and soaking bran flakes in warm milk don’t we?

Maybe we’ll take the boys to McDonalds – we used to enjoy that at Uni didn’t we?

So here you are to stay my friend; you could make yourself useful and change a few nappies while you are here if you like or you could just pull up a chair and watch as I surreptiously try to drop hints that you should leave now by downing litres of fizzy water and solpadeine. Make yourself comfy – we’ve got a long day ahead of us.



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8 responses to “Hello Hangover

  1. Absolutely brillant post! Made me chuckle – thank you!

  2. Hope you are feeling better! I can symnpathise, we went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday and before I know it it’s 2am and I’m dancing to a rock band cover of Poker Face in an Australian bar in Acton. Oof.

  3. worldofamummy

    @Online Mum – it’s nice to know my suffering helped someone.
    @BMM – 2am in Acton! What were you thinking, we are respectable married mummies. We are all tucked up in bed by 11pm or all hell breaks loose the next day!

  4. We had cunningly left the Bear with my parents for the night, ensuring a lie in the next day. This is not to say it was a remotely good idea to go on such a night out!

  5. Very nice post. I’m learning more about potty training my toddler from reading the info on your website, then I’ve ever did from the advice given to me by my own mom. Hope it’s ok that I share this post on Mixx?

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  7. wendymallins

    oooof, a hangover… they are just not good now I’m a mummy, the last time I suffered I actually thought I must be pregnant and have morning sickness I felt so overwhelmingly bad!!! I have never done it since (suffer a hangover… not drink a glass or two of wine!)

  8. Its funny how hangovers descend later than they used to. Or, come to think of it, maybe we just have to get up earlier! Funny post, thanks!

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