The dos and don’ts of potty training tired mummy style

Do: Sing and dance when ever he does a wee wee or poo in the potty.
Don’t: Sing and dance with rage when he does a wee or poo on the carpet.
Do: Encourage him to tuck his willy in the potty when he does a wee.
Don’t: Expect him to be any good at this – how many men get it all in the toilet or potty?
Do: Try to remain positive.
Don’t: Forget to tell your OH to remain positive when you leave the house and leave them in charge of potty training.
Do: Smile sweetly and clean up the poo and wee wee on the carpet.
Don’t: Get so angry about the massive poo on the carpet that you trun a funny colour and scare him out of ever pooing again.
Do: Encourage him to drink lots of water and have lots of high fibre food.
Don’t: Allow him to eat a whole punnet of grapes unless you want to have a potty surgically attached to you for the rest of the day.
Do: Show your child that their poo and wee isn’t dirty or scary.
Don’t: Gag and heave when you are confronted by a massive poo in the potty.

And finally:

Do: Remember that even if you break all of these rules in one day he’ll still love you.

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9 responses to “The dos and don’ts of potty training tired mummy style

  1. We are going through exactly the same thing at the moment. I feel for you. Every word of your post is SO true!

    • worldofamummy

      Thanks for support Jane – we had a nightmare weekend where he completely regressed and kept pooing in front of my visiting MIL on the carpet. Oh a sense of humour is sorely needed at times like that.

  2. worldofamummy

    LOL Vic – I like the idea of giving house guests the e-cover spray and a cloth!

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  4. We’re about to start that … scared is not the word …

    Fortunately persuaded my Mr to defer until after Christmas and our visit to his Mums with her cream carpets …

    • worldofamummy

      Its not actually as terrible as you think, like having a newborn you go into a boot camp for a while and then suddenly its all over. After a few weeks we now seem to have cracked it, until this evening we only had one accident in 4-5 days (but this evening we seemed to play a game of wee on the carpet and see what everyone says!)

  5. Very nice article. I’m finding out more about training my toddler to use the potty from reading the info on your website, then I’ve ever did from the advice given to me by my own grandma. Hope it’s ok that I share this post on Google Bookmarks?

    • worldofamummy

      ThankS Alice – glad its helpful. A sense of humour and lots of cleaning is a must for potty training! Thanks for sharing the post.

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