Dirty girl world – go get grubby

Blergh! There is something about dirt girl that just doesn’t work for me. I can’t watch it without seeing little glances between Scrap Boy and Dirt Girl and wondering about the Grubby’s relationship with seemingly timid (but oh so willing to oblige) Ken. In all seriousness I think that maybe the facial expressions are innocent in Oz but to my mind (and I could be seriously warped here) it all seems so innuendo laden.

So in case anyone else has ever wondered what the late night Dirt Girl episode would be like read on…

Dirt girl wakes up in her treehouse boudoir filled with her strange implements for (ahem) gardening. A feather drifts in through the window sparking Dirt Girl’s interest.

“Wow a feather from a crow… (slow smile across her face)… did you know feathers can be used for all sorts of things. (Dirt Girl slowly walks across to her special book to illustrate her point). The Roman’s used feathers to vomit between courses before having a wild orgy (smutty Dirt Girl laugh) well you wouldn’t want to have an orgy with a full stomach would you?

This gives me a great idea.. lets call Scrap Boy.”

Dirt Girl crosses over to the phone to call her only human friend, the scary scrap boy. We see scrap boy in his shed filled with more tools and implements than a sado-masochist convention could shake a fist at.

“Hi Dirt Girl (a nervous blinking tic affects him as he talks to his cruel dominatrix)”
“Hi scrap boy, I’ve just seen a feather and it gave me a great idea for a birds and bees orgy”
“Wow – great idea Dirt Girl (again the twitchy nervous blinking affects the poor guy). I’ve got a fantastic new invention we could use”

Cut away to Grubby’s parlour. Where Grubby is ordering Ken around (as per usual).

“Come on Ken, you know that Dirt Girl is having her orgy today and we simply MUST be there”.
“If you say so mistress…. I mean Grubby… but I really wish you’d let me get dressed.”
“Not now Ken. We HAVE to put on the greatest stunt ever… you can jump from that high tower, into the pool of warm jam and then have red ants crawl all over you.”
“Oh I don’t know Grubby, that sounds kind of dangerous – I’m a kind of a little bug myself…”
“Don’t be stupid Ken. Now are you paying me to order you around or not?”
“Oh you’re right of course Grubby.. Now about this stunt….

Oh the smutty world of Dirt Girl. I’ll leave it to your disturbed minds to complete the hideous episode.

In the shows defense Ben loves it and keeps shouting Green Thumbs at me throughout the day so it is clearly getting through to his little mind even if Mummy finds it uncomfortable viewing.

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5 responses to “Dirty girl world – go get grubby

  1. I find Dirt Girl World (or Dirtbox Girl, as Mr B has taken to calling it “by mistake”) completely insane, particularly that millipede type fellow. The Bear hates it. Personally I’m more offended by this year’s winter song.

  2. worldofamummy

    There is something very wrong about Dirt Girl World. I think the way that our children all love it is quite sinister (and yes I’m also with you on the winter song being naff).

  3. Totally agree, it is creepy, sinister, weird and downright horrible. Unfortunately 3yo has started to like it, and really doesn’t like me turning it off. 😦

  4. worldofamummy

    @ Online Mum: LOL at refusing to let your 3yo watch Dirt Girl world – it sadly comes on at the time I am most likely to give in and let CBeebies come on so we are stuck with it.

  5. Glad it’s not just me who gets freaked out by Dirtgirl, and can someone tell me why the snow song is still on when it’s nearly easter.

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