Dear Mr Flitwick Tesco’s

Dear sir/ madam

Thank you; as we are all aware we use one of the most expensive Tesco’s in the area, in fact you are supposedly the most expensive in Bedfordshire as we don’t have an nearby alternative (a small Waitrose in Ampthill or a drive to Bedford or Luton for another large supermarket). Thank you for keeping prices high to stop us from buying too much food and growing too fat.

You recently took some bizarre decisions to stop stocking the healthy eating bacon medallions, buttermilk and dried polenta (which are the sort of thing you buy if you are limiting your family’s fat intake and cooking things from scratch) but I am sure that you will be replacing these soon with other healthy goodies.

Although – interestingly, you have a lot of space devoted to electrical goods, clothes and seasonal chocolates but only two aisles devoted to fresh fruit and veg, its a shame as in these price concious times a lot of people are preparing their meals with veg and meat so a little more space for the fruit and veg would be nice (particularly for those of us trying to keep our families healthy).

The thing I really wanted to thank you for was your recent decision to have a pick and mix section. Hooray – someone filling the gap left by Woolies. I particularly liked where you chose to put the brightly coloured pick and mix, not halfway up the sweetie aisle (where other, stupid managers might place it so that parents with toddlers can miss the whole aisle and avoid tantrums) but on the bottom of an aisle in full view of every till.

Well done – there is no way I can get around the store with my toddler and baby without the toddler noticing the sweeties. Although I can see that this is going to be a real earner for you (who wants to have the public humiliation of telling their child they can’t have sweeties only to have them swipe a handful as they walk past on their way from tinned goods to bread) can I make some suggestions that parents in the area might appreciate

1. Move the pick and mix sweeties to halfway up the sweetie aisle – if parents want to buy their kids sweets they’ll take them to the sweetie aisle anyway (and school kids will home in on it regardless of where you place it), this way parents who don’t want to give their children sugar and artificial colours can avoid it.

2. Keep the pick and mix dispensers at the bottom of that aisle and fill them with healthy goods that parents will be happy for their children to fill up a brightly coloured cup – raisins (no – not the chocolate ones!), other dried fruit, banana’s, satsuma’s etc… And as the fruit is cheaper to buy per kilo than the sweets you can bring the prices of the healthy pick and mix down to encourage healthy eating in Flitwick’s children.

Thanks for the good work! Let me know if you think its worth putting some healthy stuff in place of the sweeties.

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9 responses to “Dear Mr Flitwick Tesco’s

  1. Vic

    How about moving that sweetie aisle to the back corner of the store where they normally hide the booze that tescos clearly don’t want us to buy.

  2. What fascinated me in this was that not all Tescos are the same price…. we’re thinking of moving to a different (aka cheaper) area of the country and I’ve been assuming that while some things (eg the house) will be cheaper, that food will be the same. Quite nice (for me anyway) to know that it might not be….

  3. Cor Blimey that blog is spot on! I do my best to feed DS healthy foods, fruit, vegetables etc and minimize sweets and cakes but like said when supermarkets have it blaring out saying LOOK KIDS COLOURFUL SWEETIES! What are you supposed to do? Have a full blown tantruming fight on your hands or give in and shop in peace?

    • worldofamummy

      Hi Hayley – I’ve opted for the option of not taking him to Tesco’s for a while – we are now forced to use online shopping and if I run out of something and I’m home alone with the kids then its tough until OH or my Mum can lend a hand!

      It gets my goat – they’ve nearly all stopped putting sweets at the tills (apart from blooming Toys’R’Us) but they don’t see that putting them in full view of the tills is just as bad.

  4. Craig

    It’s in plain view of the checkouts so that they can keep an eye on it in case anybody tries stealing sweets.

  5. Dave

    It’s not only sweets down the sweets aisle; there are crisps, biscuits, cereal bars, and eggs.
    Fairly essential items.

  6. robert allen

    June 25th 2012
    you have wrecked the store with the changes. why dont you ask for feedback in store from the shoppers

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  8. Mrs Hawksby

    Dear Mr Purnell,Tesco’s flitwick is ripping the local community off, fuel prices have significantly reduced in the surrounding areas, morrisons in ampthill road bedford and Sainsbury’s ,kempston are selling diesel at 136.9 per liter, also when I Discussed this with one of your colleages she told me that you compaired prices with the petrol stations within a 5 mile radious, however the harvester at Clophill roundabout is selling their diesel at 137.9, (less than 5 miles!). It now pays me to travel to to benefit from cheaper fuel.Stop ripping us off.

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