IT talk

I have a little project that I am working on at the momment, the first part of it is to set up a nice website. Looking around for something as cheap as possible I decided to use as it has a bit more flexibility than but would be fairly familiar and look nice.

It promises to be easy to use. I then had to find a domain and someone to host my domain. I plonked for as they are cheap and promise to be easy to use. Here’s the problem – people who make IT programmes are naturally very good at IT and their definition of easy to use is very, very different to mine.

WordPress’ famous 5 minute installation has already been going on for a day or so in my house. I finally discovered through the online live help at that I needed to download and use another party to send wordpress files from my laptop to them (filezilla). I managed to do this with the idiot proof instructions the nice lady gave me and then kaput.

I entered my url expecting to see an installation screen and nada. I fussed around opening FTP things (not having a clue what it means or what I am looking for) before admitting defeat and going back to the online support at This time it might not be my incompetence – apparently a server is down. Once the server is up we can all see if I have mucked it all up or not.

I am frustrated and pulling my hair out. This all reminds me of the time I was working and appointed project lead on getting a document management system which would automatically publish all our minutes and agenda’s to the internet. I sat in numerous meetings with the IT department talking about servers, RAM space, licenses etc… I kept explaining that I was a committee adviser, I wouldn’t know a FTP from my elbow all I wanted to know was “is this project viable – if I get the money to buy this can we use it?” I honestly didn’t care whether they wanted to host it or ask the other company to host on our behalf as long as the information had the same url and was easy to find on our website.

Three frustrating months later (after numerous meetings where I struggled with morning sickness and feeling that they were all talking in swedish for a joke) we eventually got the system up and running, the hard (but easy to understand) slog of teaching my staff and colleagues to use it (and populating tonnes of data) began.

I have a feeling that no matter how good I am at using applications once they are up and running, I will never feel comfortable talking to the people who know how to get to the up and running stage. I just wish that these very clever and talented people would remember that sometimes they are writing instructions for a woman who hasn’t slept well, is covered in egg yolk and baby milk and really needs everything in words of two syllables – pretty please.



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2 responses to “IT talk

  1. Kim

    I’m with you on this one. I’m looking into website design and hosting at the minute for a potential project of mine. Its an absolute minefield and I feel completely and utterly overwhelmed. Tea and sympathy all round on this one me thinks x

    • worldofamummy


      I feel like the worlds most stupid woman – I’ve used the livesupport 5 times so far today. I’ll say this for its a pain in the bum to get wordpress onto if you are a thicko but they have excellent support! Ellen

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