I have done it! After months of being fairly good I’ve lost 13 1/2 lb and am now at goal weight (I’m actually half a pound under my goal weight).

I was shocked to read at Metropolitan Mum about Kate Moss saying that nothing tasted as good as skinny felt. My treat for this achievement was to have lunch at Ikea. The kids were at my Mums, I was on my own with nobody trying to make me talk or watch them build a house out of cutlery I had an amazing sense of achievement and, after my salmon dinner, I had a daim cake.

Skinny can never feel as good as achievement and cake (as part of a flexible sensible diet) tastes sans kiddies.

Thanks you weightwatchers and thank you to my great leader Mo.  




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3 responses to “GOAL!!!

  1. Fantastic work! I’m really pleased for you. And you’re right, nothing ever feels as good as cake.

  2. Kim

    Congratulations and well done you!

  3. worldofamummy

    @BMM and Kim – thank you! I’m still over the moon at being a healthy BMI for my height!

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