Joy of joys – prizes and awards

Hooray! I love a happy suprise and today I got one! I had a parcel which couldn’t be delivered last week and finally got to the sorting office today to collect it. It was from Organix – what the? I don’t remember ordering food or agreeing to review anything for Organix.

So I got home and opened it up to find I am a competion winner! Ages ago I entered a competion on Living with Kids to win an Organix hamper and have won! I have loads of goodies, baby rice (we’ll be able to give that to my cousin as we are well past that stage), yummy pasta with aubergine and tomato, fruit puree’s, finger food snacks and a baby cereal.

I’m also very lucky to have won a couple of awards! Hooray!

The first is an Honest Scrap Award from Kim at Carrots in Mum’s hair. I need to tell you ten of my dark secrets (I could struggle here as I am quite a boring person so here goes…)

1. I would like to have a third baby but not for a loooong time and only if I am promised an epidural from the 8th month onwards.
2. When Ben was a baby we were in hospital having his weight loss examined and (while the doctors started their ward rounds and the students glanced in through the internal window) I dropped him the bath.
3. I broke our stairgate once (I was going to take Ben swimming when I was 7 months pregnant with Ciaran, I lazily flung the swimming bag down the stairs, hit the stair gate and knocked it flying. I told DH it had just got very loose and that he should tighten the nuts properly.
4. I said the F word in front of Ben (straight after number 3 happened).
5. I was convinced that Ben had done a poo, couldn’t find a toilet so I begged staff at Milton Keynes train station to let me change him on the comfy chairs in the ticket office after lying through my teeth and saying he was wet (he hadn’t done a poo).
6. I lied to my husband for years and told him white sauce in lasagne or moussaka was just flour, milk and flora – no cheese or butter.
7. I am supposed to be working my way through a very long to do list to get the house ready for my Mother in Law visiting but am doing this instead.
8. In VI form I encouraged some friends to get a boy from the Lower VI and gaffer tape him to the VI girls toilets. They did – sadly it was the day before his first ever job interview so not good timing!
9. When travelling back to Uni I sat in first class on the train and helped myself to the free biscuits.
10. In my first job I (for a joke) took the shoes and mobile of a colleague who had left early for the day and left them in the office. I pushed on the ceiling panels out and hid them in the ceiling but I couldn’t remember which panel it was on Monday morning and spent the best part of my morning taking the ceiling to bits and apologising.

I also recieved an award from All Grown Up (I’m a lucky girl today).

Well I think that the following blogs are all bloody brilliant to (and wouldn’t mind hearing their dark secrets) so I’m awarding the awards out as follows

Honest Scrap goes to:

All Grown Up
An Irish Daddy (what can I say nepotism is alive and well)
Hot Cross Mum

Your Blog is Bloody Brilliant goes to:
A Mother’s ramblings
Carrot in Mum’s Hair
Insomniac Mummy

Now I’m off to carry on with the mammouth to-do list. Break over everyone. x



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4 responses to “Joy of joys – prizes and awards

  1. Totally LOL at your confessions!

    Thank you for the award kind lady!


  2. Ooh so some deep dark confessions wanted buy not needed eh? Hmm shall think on them for you!

  3. Oh and I forgot, I won an Organix comp once and the same thing happened to me I had no clue I had won until a nice box full of goodies turned up!

  4. Kim

    Brilliant. Love it and thank you so much for the award x

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