Oh dear, deers, trees and ducks.

We’ve had quite a day so far.

Ciaran in his snow suit

Over the last week I’ve not had a decent nights sleep once thanks to the little boys either getting up for milk (Ciaran) or having a nightmare and wanting to get into my bed (Ben). To try to stop this I’m introducing new strict policies:

The rules
No cuddles in the big bed for any little boys. No more all climbing into bed for a cuddle in the morning (sorry Daddy).
When Ben first gets up he gets cuddled until he is calm and then left. All subsequent runnings out of his room are responded to by taking him back to bed with NO CUDDLES.

Anyway it is slowly dragging along. Ciaran isn’t too bad unless he rolls onto his tummy in the cot and finds there isn’t room to get back over, or does a poo. Both of these make him very upset and as he doesn’t like being cuddled (he is more of a wriggler than a cuddler) back to sleep I tend to give him a bottle. Last night we went out for a drink with little sis (2 1/2 pints – I am proud of myself!) while my parents watched the kids. I got to bed at 11 and the fun started around 5.15.

Ciaran got up – he had a smelly bottom so he was changed and put back into his sleeping bag before having a bottle. I got back to bed around 5.45 lay down and then at 6.15 Ben woke up. I ignored the screams for a while until he ran into my room and stood by my side of the bed. Back to bed – a little cudddle and then back into my bed.

A few minutes later he was stood by my side of the bed – back to his bed with no cuddles. He either drifted off for a while or amused himself because I had 10 minutes of silence before the wailing started up at ten to seven.

I tried getting up and helping but I realised that I was fighting a losing battle and at 7.30pm I told Daddy that I was going back to bed as I’d been up since 5.30 and that they were his children for the next few hours.

I stumbled bleary eyed up the stairs and slept until 9 when I heard screaming from downstairs; Daddy was shouting at Ciaran to wait, Ben was crying, Ciaran was crying. What could have happened – a simultaneous poo it seemed. Daddy had left the room for a minute, Ben had poo’d on the floor and Ciaran had poo’d in his nappy. All the disinfectant sprays had run out, Ciaran wanted to be changed instantly and Daddy needed to clean the carpet and Ben.

I stepped in and helped out – finding the spray and cleaning Ciaran while Daddy cleaned the carpet and then dunked Ben in the bath. As he had clearly reached the end of his tether I made him a cooked breakfast (man bribing) and when my parents offered to take Ben off my hands I begged to come along with Ciaran giving poor hubby some time away from us all.

Walking around Woburn (Dad was trying to thwart Ben's plan to kiss a deer)

My parents took the boys, my Sis and I to Woburn where we had a lovely long walk. Ciaran was bundled up in his snow suit and was pushed along the two mile(ish) walk in style. Ben behaved brilliantly, wanting to walk all the way, not grumbling or wanting a carry or go in the pushchair.

We had a great time – we fed ducks (Ben was desperate to get closer to the waters edge but being a meany I held him back an inch from the pond), saw deer (Ben wanted to kiss them and tried to get as close as his grandad would let him) and climbed trees (at least the large trunks that had been blown down in the recent winds).

Ben didn't approve of the wait between the sandwiches finishing and cake arriving.

After a long walk we ended up back in Woburn and went to a tea shop for a cuppa, sandwich and a cake. Ben said he didn’t want to have a sandwich but when he was given a bit of prawn sandwich he decided that actually he was very hungry (even eating the lettuce garnish off my plate). When the two slices of cake came (carrot and a coffee/walnut cake) he was in his element, we all gave the cakes a big thumbs up (even little Ciaran had a nibble of carrot cake) before heading home.

Luckily hubby was feeling happier and the house was cleaner so we have had a happy afternoon (Ben bless him had not done a wee in his nappy all morning while we were out and managed the longest wee ever when we got home, which made us all smile) drafting minutes and playing nicely.



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2 responses to “Oh dear, deers, trees and ducks.

  1. I can relate to everything you’ve said. I have 5 kids and I have 3 of them pooing and weeing left, right and center. As for the getting in our bed at night … don’t even get me started. In fact I’m getting ready for bed now because I know all the fun and games will start not long after midnight.
    Best wishes, Crazy xx
    p.s. Great blog by the way. I’ll be back. Na night.

  2. worldofamummy

    Oh three weeing everywhere sounds like a nightmare… I hope that at some point before Christmas every blogging mummy manages to get at least one good nights sleep and day with no disinfectant. x

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