The not so sweet smell of sucess

We’ve been doing really well with getting wee wee in the potty, Ben has even sat himself on the potty a few times without prompting which is a great step forward. Poo’s on the other hand have been confined to his nappy (or on one occasion our carpet).

Until this morning. Its MOT day for me, I decided that rather than the stress of getting the children fed, washed and dressed and dragging them and hubby to the garage in his car I would go alone. I dropped off the car and started the half hour walk home in the wind. It was quite nice to be out in the fresh air and hubby had been given strict instructions of what to feed each baby (porridge and raisins for Ben, weetabix for Ciaran) so the kids should be OK.

I got home to find Ben sitting nicely on the potty and Ciaran alreay dressed (I was told that he had been a naughty baby, blowing raspberries with weetabix in his mouth and trying to grab the bowl and spoon off his Daddy) after a breakfast of porridge and raisins Ben realised that not only could he do another poo he simply had to do a poo.

We thought he was weeing and made appropriately enthusiastic sounds until I saw the potty and the massive poo in the potty – cue lots of dancing and a poo poo in the potty song from me. Anyway I was planning to get out some yummy tuna sweetcorn gratin for lunch but Ben has decided we are having chicken nuggets so I had better get cutting and coating.

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Filed under 2 year old child, Baby, baby led weaning., potty training

5 responses to “The not so sweet smell of sucess

  1. Well done Ben!! Love a good poo story 😉 x

  2. well done Ben. That moment wasn’t too far away for us either and I remember getting excited about seeing the poo lol

  3. worldofamummy

    @Josie and Aingeal be thankful we don’t have your phone numbers – an essential part of potty training is calling everyone to boast about the poo!

  4. Kim

    Ah well done Ben. There’s an award for your Mum over at mine. Please don’t be offended by the title!

  5. YeaaahhhhhH! Congrats. It’s all up hill from here.

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