Milestones and McDonalds

Wow – a busy few days and both my babies are growing up so fast.

Not a teeny tiny baby anymoreOn Saturday Hubby saw Ciaran crawl for the first time, like Ben his first crawl was a little commando type shuffle on his tummy, he has refused to repeat this trick (to hubby’s dismay) but he has been very distracted by how much fun it is to roll everywhere and it will take a while (and several re-discoveries) for crawling to embed itself in his mind.

On Sunday I took the boys to my parents, where they were having lunch with 8 family friends. Poor hubby had a list of DIY jobs to do and this was the first weekend in ages that he’s had free of work matters to focus on DIY so he stayed home with his toolkit. People instantly commented when I got to my Mum’s that Ciaran had rosy teething cheeks.

“Yes but he’s been like that for months – the teeth aren’t breaking through yet” I replied only to be told by my Mum that Ciaran had cut his first tooth (which explains why he had been hard to settle the last few nights and generally a grumpy beast).

Everyone told me that the boys were lovely – Ben was in a lovely mood – and thanks to ‘feel wet’ training pants was not running around buck naked peeing at people’s feet whilst at my parent’s house. Ciaran was a little unsettled, probably a combination of teething pain and too many new people all at once but his ‘bad’ behaviour is pretty good compared to most children so I had nothing to worry about.

Today we have had lots of wee’s in the potty (which was even taken to Nanny and Baz’s house) and no accidents – as usual lots of splashing (tmi but you have to help him aim his willy down into the potty) but every wee was taken sitting on the potty. I put him in feel wet training pants when we went to the Interchange and told him to tell me if he needed a wee – and when we got home and sat on the potty several hours later he was still dry.

At the Interchange my Mum and I took the boys to Clarks – Ben’s old shoes were still OK for a few more weeks (hooray £30 saved!) and then dragged them around Staples to get some stationary for my new clerking job. Box folders and Leverarch folders are wildly overpriced in my opinion but I know from experience that both are needed for clerking so I stumped up the cash and ignored Ben’s excited grabs at chocolates, pritt sticks and sweets.

As a treat for being so good we all went to McDonalds. I rarely take the boys to fast food places (less than once a month) so it was exciting for Ben. I gave him a cheeseburger happy meal and the greedy monkey ate all of his chips (bar 6) and all of his burger.

Eventually I realised that we would be sat there for a very long waiting for him to finish the last few mouthfuls of burger but that he would not consider leaving it (even though I am certain his tummy was full up) so I followed Mum’s suggestion of letting him carry it to the car. At every bin that we passed she asked if he wanted to throw it away now and, no he did not want to throw it away and shoved the last (huge) piece into his mouth as I strapped him into the car seat. He needed both hands to push it into his mouth but somehow managed to chew and swallow it.

Unsuprisingly he didn’t want to eat much tea (oven baked veg and cous cous), Ciaran however couldn’t get enough of his tea, he was happy to have cous cous spooned into his mouth and loved the pieces of baby sweetcorn. Happiness is a baby with food smeared all over his face.

I’ve got my first Governing Body meeting to clerk tommorrow so I am now going to spend a pleasant evening reading the constitution, laws relating to governing bodies and agenda for tommorrows meeting. Hope everyone else has a more exciting night planned!


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One response to “Milestones and McDonalds

  1. Ciaran looks positively miffed to have his photo taken there!!

    It’s kind of like, “Hey, I don’t take pictures of you when your lying on the sofa in your grottiest pyjamas, do I? No.”

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