Postcards from Potty-land

Wish you were here instead of me!

Potty training is well and truly underway. Ben is getting used to using the potty (albeit somewhat grudgingly) and my hands are getting used to a mixture of wee and disinfectant.

Yesterday was a pretty great day – only one proper accident for the whole day, a few minor spraying incidents and a big poo in the potty. Poo-ing in the potty seems to upset Ben a little; I spent yesterday afternoon with him begging for a nappy, I asked if he wanted to poo in the nappy – yes, was he scared of pooing in the potty – yes, yukky.

I held firm and at some point in the afternoon while he sat on his potty he did a nice big poo. We called all and sundry to share the earth shattering news that there was a poo in the potty very quickly I then experienced a true logistical nightmare.

Picture this – there is one adult in the house who MUST have a shower right now so that her hair isn’t dripping wet when she pops into the school (where I clerk for the Governing Body); there is one baby in the house who has woken up from his nap and wants his milk; there is a toddler in the house running around nudey dudey and learning to use a potty, he MUST be supervised to ensure that wee wee goes in the potty.

Hmmm. My solution was to cuddle Ciaran and put him back in the cot with a couple of toys, to beg Ben to wee in the potty and put the potty by the bathroom door to watch him while I showered. I then got out of the shower to find (miracle of miracle) no wee wee on the carpet or potty. I then put Ciaran’s bottle into a jug of hot water to warm while I dried. Thankfully at this point Hubby came home to take-over while I got ready to go.

When I got back from my meeting Ben was tearfully begging for a nappy – I decided that going from 8am to 6pm nappy free was good enough and put him a nappy for his supper (Beef Enchilada and rice with a sweet potato and guacamole for hubby and I).

This morning I decided that it was cold and grim and that the boys deserved a treat so I cooked up some rice pudding for the boys. Daddy was home at lunch and shared his chocolate roulade with Ben so Ciaran was the sole taker at lunchtime and he loved it (he preferred it to the chinese rice I had given him for his mains).

Ben is currently having his rice pudding as a post-bath supper. To make it the ultimate toddler food I have topped it with a mini Mars bar before heating it in the microwave, toddlertastic rice pudding. I never really liked the idea of making my own (my Grandad made very soupy pudding when I was a child) but following the instructions on the pack and making a few tweaks has led to the creamiest yummiest rice puddings ever.

Homemade Rice Pudding

Squirt an oven dish with a little spray oil and tip in 50g of pudding rice, 25g of soft brown sugar, a tiny knob of butter and a pint of milk.

Bake at 150 for around 2 hours until a thick skin has formed. Leave it out to cool and thicken up more. I reheat it in little portions with extra milk to slacken it off a little and of course you add jam, chopped up mini chocolate bars or dried fruit according to toddler whim.

(We peel the skin back to get to the thick rice pudding underneath but if anyone in your house will eat the skin they are welcome to it!)


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9 responses to “Postcards from Potty-land

  1. I have never thought of adding chopped up mars bar. I have added chocolate drops though!

    Potty training is great fun though isn’t it! Baby Boy is learning, and we do a pee pee/poo poo in the potty dance, a pee pee/poo poo in the potty song and again phone what seems like the entire world to tell them too!

    One thing I found with Top Ender and potty training was that if she used the potty as a seat to watch a little TV, when it was time for her to poo or pee in it there was no fuss as all.

  2. Respect to all the mummies with baby plus toddler. I am so not ready to get pregnant again. I know, it sounds selfish, but if there’ll ever be a sibling for little L, it won’t be before she can pull up her pants herself.
    Watching in awe,
    xx MM

    • worldofamummy

      @MM I know exactly where you are coming from; our plan was originally to have a second child around the time Ben went to school but we changed our minds for various reasons. Now that we have two children I think that if we do have a third we will be leaving a decent age gap (fingers crossed!)

  3. worldofamummy

    @Pippa – we’re CBeebies pee-ers and poo-ers in this house too! It has so many uses.

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  7. We’re going through potty training right now and I confess I rely on the television now and again to take away the fight about sitting on the potty!

    • worldofamummy

      Good luck Ella!

      TV is definately the way to go! I rationed CBeebies very strictly so that it was a special treat for sitting on the potty! Although little one has freakily sat on the potty twice and done a wee with no pressure or proper potty training this week – I doubt he’ll be so compliant once potty training starts but its nice to know he can do it!

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