Ciaran and Ben’s food

Hungry baby CiaranCiaran has been weaning for around a month now, we’ve gone from occasionally trying a little food to having 2-3 meals a day and he seems to be loving it. We are mainly doing baby led weaning with lots of finger food but he is also happy to have food off a spoon.

Here’s a list of the food my little monkey seems to like

Bran muffins (homemade)
Chips (potato chipped and baked in the oven)
Gypsy toast
Hard boiled egg
Heinz vegetable crackers
Malt Loaf
Pasta in tomato and phillie sauce
Petit Filous (he ate a whole one today for the first time!)
Plum crumble
Rice pudding (homemade with brown sugar to give a caramel taste)
Scrambled egg
Sweet potato
Tuna Sweetcorn pasta bake (topped with crushed crisps of course)
Yorkshire pudding

Only breadsticks have failed to impress him so far. I am sure that there are more things he loves but my mummy brain is too hazy on fine details! Today’s Tuna and Sweetcorn pasta bake went down much better with Ciaran (grabbing the spoon to get all the tuna and sauce into his mouth) than with Ben (crying hysterically and being sick). My mum made this all the time when my sister and I were little so here is the recipe (I hope Ben comes round to eating it as there is plenty in the freezer!).

Recipe: Tuna Sweetcorn Pasta Bake
Cook 150g of baby pasta shapes or any pasta shapes. Drain and set aside.
Put tablespoon of plain flour, tablespoon of butter and half pint of milk in saucepan, heat while stirring constantly. When thick remove and grate about 50g of mild cheddar into the sauce.
Add tin of tuna and a large tin of sweetcorn to the sauce along with the pasta.
Tip into tin foil freezer containers (we got 4 out of this) top with crushed plain crisps and more grated cheese. Bake in the oven until warmed through and crispy on top.

Ben (who strangely hated it) has a real taste for very strong food at the momment (well DH used to take me to Nando’s in hope of kick starting labour at the end of each pregnancy so it is to be expected lol!). The other day I made a chicken laksa (spicy thai dish with noodles); Ben asked to try a noodle so I put a few on a fork and let him taste them and he loved it – the little monkey ended up in my lap demanding more beans and noodles.

Last night hubby made fajita’s (we got a three pack of Discovery at Costco) and had sole responsibility for feeding Ben as I was still putting Ciaran to bed. I tend to be cautious about feeding Ben spicy food and would have put a lot of yoghurt in (in place of soured cream), a little meat and veg and a little guacamole to prevent it being too spicy. DH put in liberal amounts of guacamole, salsa and the meat and veg mix – no yoghurt as that is for wimps and girls. Ben sat silently eating his fajita and demanded a second one as soon as he finished!

I can’t wait to take Ben out for a curry, I think we are probably going to bypass the slow build up of spicyness my parents had to go through with my sister and I (chicken tikka masala etc…) and go straight to a dupiaza or rogan josh. I am very proud of the way both my boys eat, they may be messy and they may decide on their own tastes but they attack food with enthusiasm and there is very little pickiness in our house.

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2 responses to “Ciaran and Ben’s food

  1. Kim

    Wow it sounds like little Ciaran is doing fantastically. I think I’ll give the recipe a try as Little Legs is a big fan of pasta and tuna. Thanks for that x

  2. worldofamummy

    Hi Kim

    the pasta bake is sooo yummy and child friendly, but I think next time I may have to make two sets of white sauce, one with full fat milk for the kids and one with skimmed milk for me as shocking amounts found their way to my mouth!

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