First few days in my new job (being a mummy)

This is the first time I’ve ever not had a ‘proper’ job, or been job hunting since I graduated (and even when I was at VI form and Uni I studied hard and worked weekends, holidays and evenings). I’ve decided to treat being a full-time mum officially as a real job with aims and targets (at least until the novelty wears off)

I’m trying to give the kids less time with CBeebies (which has been helped a lot by the Four Seasons coming in the post – Ben LOVES Vivaldi, especially if you try to explain the story behind some of the movements and let him tell you when the song is about happy boys!).

I’ve also tried to grit my teeth and get creative with Ben. I hate doing it and I am the least creative person in my family (hubby plays guitar, little sis spent her childhood making tropical islands and clothes for her teddies, my cousin is an artist, I am fumble-fingered and much better with words and facts) but I don’t want some counsellor twenty years from now telling me that if only I had allowed my kids to express themselves creatively as a child they wouldn’t have gone mad, stood for the monster raving loony party and been done for indecent exposure.

So, after a manic monday where we cleaned the house a lot (got to prove to the powers that be that I am an asset in this new role!) and ordered a shop from Sainsburys I was feeling that I had a handle on this new job – super hausfrau! It was on Monday evening that I noticed Ciaran was getting poorly, he has had a cold and rattle on his chest for a few weeks but it seemed to be clearing up on its own until Monday evening when I noticed him wheezing a little and rattling a lot.

Tuesday came and we got less done than planned, Ciaran’s cold was now a really nasty one, thick yellow snot poured from his nose, his eyes watered, he couldn’t breathe through his nose and refused to breast feed. Even bottle feeding was difficult with lots of pauses to catch his breath. I had hoped to go to weightwatchers in the morning, but by 9 the boys and I were all still in pajama’s so no chance. Instead my Mum came over as planned, helped me get the kids dressed and cleaned and took us to the interchange for retail therapy!

I picked up a new sleeping bag for Ciaran (a warmer tog one in 6-12 months), skirt for me, socks for Ben and then we hit Boots. New bottles, and (shock horror) some baby food for Ciaran. Let me explain, I’ve not stopped BLW but I was poorly with the same cold, feeling harassed and stressed by the housework still to be done and was concerned that he wasn’t getting much milk so a bag of organix carroty wotsit type things and a pouch of Ella organic veggies seemed like a good idea.

Ben was happy to choose his own lunch (with some guidance from me – this one or this one?) at the poorly stocked food section (why are the out of town Boots always so badly stocked for the lunches? If you go to the town centre ones they have a great range but every retail park Boots has a tiny food range.) while I picked out my low fat lunch (shapers prawn noodle salad, shapers crisps and a diet fizzy drink) he chose an exciting meal of southern fried chicken wrap, teddy bear shaped crisps and Mummy took his drink off him – another diet drink for me!

We got home just before Sainsbury’s came with the groceries and Ben sat down to eat his lunch, I explained how to hold the wrap and left him to it – he loved it! He ate half the wrap at lunchtime, then tipped his bag of crisps onto the table and gave a running commentary (me eat leg, me eat head). Ciaran snuffled and gasped through the afternoon trying a little pasta with creamy tomato sauce (Ben refused to eat it saying it smelled yukky and finished off his wrap instead)

When hubby got home I went to the late weightwatchers meeting and found that I had lost 1 1/2 pounds, I’m now only 1/2 pound away from my goal weight!

This morning I planned to take both boys to Jelly Tots but after getting them both ready I stopped kidding myself, Ciaran could hardly breathe and was now feverish. No playgroup for us. Instead I called the surgery and got an appointment for him, a couple of hours later we finished our epic doctors, chemist, tescos, chemist quest and returned home with a bottle of amoxycillin, new nappy bin, couple of pound of plums, fruit salads, bagels etc…

Once Ciaran was napping and dosed up with amoxycillin Ben and I had lunch, weightwatchers bagels with smoked salmon and low fat soft cheese for me, heinz spaghetti bol for Ben. We then started jamming some of the plums with left over frozen berries (yum) while Ciaran slept off the antibiotics upstairs.

Ciaran got up to help pour jam into the jars and then had a little milk (he can only manage about 1/2 a bottle at a go so I am just feeding him more often than normal). Just like Ben before him he reacted predicatably to the antibiotics with a runny nappy (thank God I have no sense of smell), and for tea he got to try some of his carrot wotsit things (he had two sticks, Ben had the rest – both boys seemed to like them but Ciaran couldn’t keep pace with Ben).

He then watched me clean the oven (Ciaran has a very exciting life) before being dragged upstairs with Ben to watch me clean his nursery.

We then had to drag the hoover downstairs as I had (bravely) let Ben try some messy play earlier. We (well I) cut pictures out of the Boots gift guide, Ben glued them onto a sheet of paper and we dabbed glue onto the paper before shaking glitter over – now how creative is that?

Downside to creative play is that for the third day in a row I was called upon to hoover my lounge before Daddy got home. Being a SAHM seems to mean having a bottle of cleaning spray grafted to one hand and the hoover being an extension of your own body.

Ben then decided to join Chris and I for dinner, I had made a Chicken Laksa (sort of Thai curry with noodles) and we were commenting that it was hot when Ben marched up demanding noodles. I gave him some, he wandered off and quickly came back frowning, tapping his lip and saying “spicy spicy” he then demanded more and ended up on my lap with me crouched over his head trying to eat my curry whilst ferrying noodles, chicken, prawns and sugar snap peas to his little mouth. We found it spicy so I am gobsmacked that he managed to eat (and enjoy) the laksa.

OK so I haven’t managed everything on my to do list (bedding still needs to be washed and I haven’t done an EA Active workout) but I think I’ve managed the important things, like playing with Ben and cuddling Ciaran and while housework will still need to be done tommorrow one day my boys will be too old for a big Mummy cuddle.



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2 responses to “First few days in my new job (being a mummy)

  1. Congratulations on nearly reaching your goal weight! I meant to start running again this week, but a somewhat disrupted sleeping schedule (thanks, clock change! *shakes fist*) has meant that I have failed miserably.

    I have also been attempting the creative thing. The Bear is no longer shoving crayons in his mouth, but has shown no interest in doing any scribbling with them either. Apart from this morning when I went to the loo and came back to find him grinding a black crayon into the hardwood floor. Excellent progress.

  2. worldofamummy

    LOL we had our first innapropriate use of a crayon momment last week. I was eating dinner and felt something tickle my back, Ben had found a crayon somewhere (I am obsessive about keeping them out of his reach) and was drawing on the back of my chair and me!

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