There’s cake in your flab rolls…

[picapp src=”0287/59ccae99-15d2-4b6c-8019-db6d3951d056.jpg?adImageId=6692233&imageId=291331″ width=”234″ height=”300″ /]I know what sort of mother says that to her nearly 6 month old baby – a bad one like me of course!

Before I start with the saga of my cakes, diet and son can I say that as a Mum to young kids the twice yearly ordeal of putting clocks back or forward and nobody telling their little bodies that the clocks have changed is a real pain in the bum. I’m all for dropping the stupid changing of the clocks, in the autumn I have always hated the evenings suddenly getting darker really quickly. There is something very depressing about looking out of your office window and seeing darkness everywhere while you are still at work.

Ciaran has carried on trying new food, banana’s, more fromage frais, toast and my weightwatchers bran muffins. I ended up making muffins through a long torturous route.

I had recently decided to try doing ‘proper’ weightwatchers rather than simply filling foods, I’m actually enjoying it, the weighing isn’t too much of a pain in the bum and I have so much more freedom with food (and as a fairly active partially breastfeeding Mum I get a whopping 24 points a day!!).

[picapp src=”0295/7605155e-4ce8-4686-b35f-0fe1da6d3152.jpg?adImageId=6691978&imageId=299209″ width=”330″ height=”480″ /]I decided to let my hair down and have a glass of wine on Friday. On Saturday night I started fretting about wasting a bottle of wine so I decided to have two glasses of wine on Saturday (after doing an EA Active workout so I was already nicely tired and dehydrated).

Sunday morning naturally saw the kids getting up at their normal times so we didn’t get the luxury of an extra hour in bed when the clocks went back. My stomach was burning with acid, I felt slightly queasy and all my bones ached. After breakfast I had a bath (we went shopping on Saturday and I bought two lush bath bombs) I got out of the bath and then (remembering to do my bit for the environment) rather than draining the water asked hubby if he fancied a bath – he did after topping up the hot water.

I managed to wash Ciaran’s face and get him dressed and then took Ben to the bathroom to do his teeth and face, seeing his Daddy in the bath Ben ran to the nursery to get the three ducks (essential for any bath of course) and then stripped his pajama’s off ready for a bath. Ben joined his Daddy in the bath (who says that those bath bombs are over priced – I got three family members cleaned with one bomb!) and played at splashing Daddy in the face until finally both of the big boys got out of the bath and got dry.

Hangover still playing hell with my tummy I thought back longingly to the pre-diet days when a hang over could be cured with anyone of the following cures:
a) A walk to the shops to get a bottle of lucozade, double decker and bag of walkers smoky bacon crisps.
b) Fry up.
c) Burger King / McDonalds.
d) Posh muffin from a coffee shop.
e) Cup of tea and half a pack of chocolate digestives

I was sorely tempted to suggest to hubby that we have a traditional Dominos Pizza Sunday Lunch (he would have jumped at the chance!) but fought the temptation. Gaaah none of these cures are weightwatchers friendly and it was only by the grace of EA Active that I was able to go over my daily points allowance on Saturday night so I couldn’t splurge out.

A slice of toast around half ten helped matters enough for me to make lunch (home made chicken nuggets, peppers, salad, tomato’s, salmon mixed with pepper and balsamic vinegar, saslsa). Sadly despite eating a good healthy lunch I still felt in desperate need for something stodgy and sweet in my tummy to cure the last vestiges of a hangover.

Inspiration finally hit my adled brain as the kids napped (I was going to make them go to bed at the correct times so they needed to nap well to keep going) weightwatchers bran muffins. My only alteration to these is to make 10 muffins at 2 points each rather than 9 at 2 1/2 points each. By the time Ben got up the muffins were out and cooling (except the one that had been gobbled by me for medicinal reasons).

Comforting, sweet and stodgy they were exactly what I needed. We took a bag of 4 muffins to my parents house. My parents had a muffin each as did Ben (he was keen to make sure he got a cake) I decided not to have a second muffin but held a scrap of cake in my fingers for Ciaran to cram into his mouth. My Mum thought the look on his face as he tried his first ever cake was hilarious, he clearly loved it and aside from picking out the chunks of dried fruit I wasn’t too worried, I knew exactly what was in these cakes and there was nothing too worrying.

When he had finished I found that he had little cake crumbs lodged in his flab rolls on his neck – aah bless, that child is going to have such good dietry habits by the time Christmas rolls around.

Anyhow both boys went tiredly to bed at their normal time, I dished up frozen low fat enchilada’s for me and hubby and then after another EA Active workout (I am really starting to love it) I was in bed by 10pm as well.

This morning I gave Ciaran some toast at breakfast time, he seemed to appreciate it but once again there was plenty of granary seeds in his flab rolls for me to remove carefully after his meal – I think I can see a tradition in the making, the removal of food from his neck flab after every meal.

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2 responses to “There’s cake in your flab rolls…

  1. Kim

    Ha ha. I could totally relate to this one. My little one is 6 months old and Dad does the bath and bedtime routine. Every night he seems to come downstairs looking amazed at the different food he manages to find in her neck rolls. The winner so far is a whole green bean. This is definitely one for the blog roll!

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