Little plumbum

As I promised earlier in the week I have managed to feed Ciaran real food every day so far this week. On Monday he had gypsy toast, Tuesday was carrot day and Wednesday was plum day.

He looked a little shocked at the taste of the plum but quickly worked out the easiest way to eat it wasn’t to hold the plum quarter in his own sticky hand, but to drop it, let me pick it up and then shove my sticky plum holding hand to his mouth. I was suprised at how much of a dent he made in the plum without teeth, a combination of gumming and sucking ensured he got to eat quite a bit of plum – hence his new name – plumbum (the latin for lead if I remember my GCSE Chemistry correctly).

Ben is going through a cute stage of being defiant and our normal use of the naughty corner has shot up from less than once a month to three times in the last two days (AND he was at nursery for most of yesterday).

I spent most of yesterday hunting for ID for my new job as a clerk to the governing body of a local school – where is my birth certificate? Could the person who has my birth certificate please give it back to me (and hubby’s birth certificate please as his is also AWOL).


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  1. I’ve tagged you over at my blog, you don’t have to play though 🙂

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