Damm you Domino’s

Whoops – not a good day.

Feeling knackered and coldy this morning I decided to skip weightwatchers with the kids (who were both acting up a little), switched the heating on and stayed at home. Ben and I kept warm with his new game (chase the invisible horsie that keeps running round and round in circles) until I was too dizzy to run around Ciaran’s mat anymore.

My Mum came round just before lunch to take Ben to her house for a little Ben – Ninny time. He ate lunch with her while me and Ciaran had my lunch (last nights vegetable cous cous reheated) and his lunch (milk followed by cooked carrot sticks).

We then thought about what we could do for Christmas. As a one income family with an adversion to credit hubby has imposed a strict budgets this year so I wondered how I could pad my measly present budget. Hubby then called to say that a nappy had hit the fan at work, he would be in and out of meetings and there would be an extra meeting one night this week but he didn’t know when yet.

I fretted a bit, when you work in a council political changes always bring risks, when you work closely with the elected members as hubby does political changes can bring huge risks. This wouldn’t matter so much if I was still working but of course I have decided to be a stay at home Mum, working longer hours with the worlds most irrational bosses for no pay. Whoops.

Ben and my Mum came home around 3 (with a chocolate mousse, the only way she could bribe him into the car apparently) I sent my Mum home with a massive portion of apple and plum cobbler for my Dad (after 6 years of marriage I should know hubby hates anything with cooked apples). Ben then pretended to eat his portion of veggie cous cous and managed to eat his portion of cobbler with much more enthusiasm.

Hubby got home and finished the contents of his lunch box with Ben and made a plea to my better nature. He had gone through a hard day, he was tired and low; could I bear to give up the pasta sauce cooking in the slow cooker for a Domino’s two for tuesday deal? This was actually a bit of a pain in the bum. Domino’s came to Flitwick last week and our first taste of them was very disappointing, an hour late with toppings on one half of my cold pizza only.

BIG_SMOKYWhat’s a wife to do? I graciously agreed to ditch the pasta sauce for a domino’s and after much swearing at the laptop managed to place an order for 2 medium pizza’s and a garlic bread online at 6:30 (in between Ciaran’s bath and bottle). I then finished up washing Ben by washing his hair (to his disgust) and dragging him screaming from his beloved bath to the cruel world of being dry and dressed.

We watched Simpson’s and were about to go up to bed when the pizza arrived (shocking only half an hour after we ordered it, on a night when I banked on them being an hour at least). Ben saw the boxes and announced that it was a pizza and then grabbed the little garlic pizza bread box.

Hubby rested the boxes on Ben’s little table (toddler tables are perfect for take-aways) and we all laughed at our two year old pulling the little garlic bread pizza towards him. He tucked in as we ate our pizza’s occasionally telling us “Me love pizza”. At half seven I called time on his pizza eating, he was just nibbling at his slice clearly not hungry but refusing to let it go.

I dragged him kicking and wailing up the stairs away from his pizza to have his teeth brushed and a bedtime story, the little tinker managed to get two stories out of me by grabbing both the Red and Green books from my hands and running to his bed laughing in the knowledge that he would get two Roald Dahl stories out of me tonight.

So thank you Domino’s. Tonights pizza was diet destroyingly delicious, my toddler loves your food and I simply can’t compete? What’s a girl to do? Well… I’m going to have a beer and the last slices of my pizza in front of Holby City.

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5 responses to “Damm you Domino’s

  1. Dear Tired Mummy,

    As the Comms manager at Domino’s, I’m delighted to hear that, after a few teething problems, we have managed to come up trumps! I’d very much like to send you a voucher so you can have your next pizza on us. If you are happy to take us up on this offer, please email me your postal address so I can oblige! I’m assuming you can see my email address, if not, please email pr@dominos.co.uk.

    Best regards,


  2. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow!

  3. worldofamummy

    @ Georgina – wow I am always happy to have an excuse to be naughty with my diet! Clearly after a manic opening day Flitwick Domino’s has settled down and is churning out good pizza!
    @A Modern Mother – I didn’t get the lager in the end (can’t remember the last time I actually had a drink, I keep meaning to but never get round to it!) and I have done two (yes two) EA Active workouts as penance for my pizza.

  4. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

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