Focusing on food

I must confess that I am lazy and easily distracted which is why Ciaran hardly ever has real food. At the start of Baby Led Weaning they eat such tiny negligble amounts that it hardly seems worth it, but the practice is essential and eventually it leads to a hungry baby being able to satisfy his own hunger so I’ve decided to pull my lazy self together and focus on good food for my kids.

Gypsy toast was the first bready sucess I had with Ben so I’ll try making some of that this evening along with a few slices of plum. Both kids are currently napping so here’s a quick update on what we’ve been doing.

Saturday: Rob and Ria came over with Baby Brendan who Ben fell in love with straight away, kissing him, stroking him and telling all of us to shush when Brendan slept. My dinner (shepherds pie, oven chips and homemade soda bread) didn’t go down well with Ben, he had a spoonful of shepherds pie before igniring it in favour of chips and a slice of soda bread. Pudding (pear cobbler) went down a lot better.

As I felt cooked out I couldn’t bring myself to pick a dessert recipe for Sunday dinner at my parents and cheated by making a cauliflower (and brocoli) cheese and buying a banoffee dessert (I felt sure that I wouldn’t be tempted to eat a banana dessert). Ben made up for his pickiness on Sunday, eating a mountain of roast chicken, slice of roast guinea fowl, roast potatos, green beans, carrots, sausage and two yorkshire puddings.

He then amazed my sister and her visiting friend by demolishing his bowl of rhubarb crumble and custard, demanding more and later having a bowl of banoffee dessert.

Todays lunch was homemade chicken nuggets, grated veg salad, pitta breads (three mini ones), salsa and corn on the cob. Sadly the bowl of salsa was rendered inedible after an experiment with grated vegetables tainted it with raw cabbage. Before the unfrotunate ‘tip veggies into salsa’ incident the salsa was used as a dip for the pitta bread and chicken nuggets. My suggestion that we put the raw veg and chicken together into the pitta bread was ignored.

I am smugly sitting on a glut of polenta. I’ve had a lot of trouble getting hold of polenta (used in a lot of weightwatchers recipes and a great substitute for breadcrumbs) and last week found some in Waitrose (along with the buttermilk which Tesco’s no longer stocks – they need more space for their chavvy milkshakes), my Mum found some in Carluccio’s in Manchester and so she got me some as well. Hooray.

To celebrate my lovely polenta here is my recipe for chicken nuggets – its adapted from Weightwatchers Delicious and takes as long as getting frozen ones out.

Preheat oven to 200 (180 fan) and shove a baking tray in to warm up.

While oven preheats chop 2 chicken breasts into small chunks, beat 2 eggs in a small bowl and mix three handfuls of polenta with seasoning in a large bowl. Put chicken in egg, swirl around to cover. Tip it all into the big polenta bowl, stir it around roughly with your hands.

Tip onto the hot baking sheet and cook for 15 minutes. All the prep is done while the oven heats up so it really is no worst than getting frozen ones out.

You can vary the seasoning, sometimes I use parmesan and mustard with the polenta, today I used a mix of jerk seasoning, black pepper and smoked paprika.

Serve with tomato ketchup or salsa for a tot; guacamole, salad and salsa for an adult.

If you can leave them long enough you can have them cold in a lunch box but I have just ate the portion I put aside for poor hubby’s lunch (whoops).

PS. I am very excited as I have just found out I won a Nigel Kennedy CD from Smitten by Britain. It’s his amazing Four Seasons, the first piece of classical music I listen to properly (not just a little excerpt at the start of a story tape or played in my school assembly) so I am thrilled to pieces!

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