Can you feel the love tonight?

Don;t worry – nothing smutty. I’d just like to share some love around. Here’s my happy thoughts

1. Ciaran is a very smiley happy baby today (even if we were up LOTS last night with him and his teeth or tummy – I don’t know what was hurting him but something was).

2. Ben’s language development – “me likee dat, me likee animals” (at a clip of the Fantastic Mr Fox movie “No Mamma, me do. On own” (going down the stairs solo) and his list of people he loves this evening (my parents, my sister, the dead dog but sadly not me, hubby and Ciaran – I think we are loved so much that love doesn’t do it justice :-))

3. Hubby decided on a sudden whim that he needed a radio for his bath tonight (I clued him up to the dangers of running the extension lead into the bathroom to listen to a mains powered radio in the bath a few nights ago) and while at a Tesco’s in the nearest big town got me a Fry’s Turkish Delight.

i_love_your_blog award4. My first ever ever blog award Wooo Hooo. Someone loves my incoherent ramblings about nappies and sick. Thank you very much discontented little mummy – you have made me grin a lot!

The rules of the award are very simple, if you get the award you have to pass it on to your top 15 blogs. So here goes (obviously The Discontented Little Mummy would be up there but as she gave me the award she is out of the running).

All Grown Up

A modern Mother

Baking Mad Mamma

Being Mum Being Me

Bright Eyes Blog

Brits in Bosnia


Hot Cross Mum

How to Eat a cupcake

Insomniac Mummy

Metropolitan Mum

Sleep is for the Weak

The Potty Diaries

You’ve got your hands full

What Katie’s kids did next

So go and share the bloggy love everyone (now I’m off to go and let people know I love them).x



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14 responses to “Can you feel the love tonight?

  1. Thank you! I should really start deserving these by updating more often!
    Mr Matey was found in my local Superdrug, my husband was well impressed! x

  2. Thank you ever so much. I’d just like to thank… :-))

  3. Too cute! I love it when they start talking. Thanks for the award. PS — have hubby get a battery operated radio — much safer!

  4. worldofamummy

    @BakingMadMamma – got to hunt for Mr Matey when we run out Johnsons (do they still do the little girl one as well I wonder?)
    @ Brits in Bosnia LOL at the Oscar’s speech going on in your head.
    @ A Modern Mother – thankfully he got a battery operated radio last night, I was horrified when I saw the extension lead running to the bathroom earlier in the week, bless him, nobody had told him it was dangerous to have mains electricity and water together!

  5. Oooh thank you!! I should do one of these!! I’m so excited!!


  6. How do I follow your blog? I may be blind but I can’t see where I can follow it? I’m on blogger does that make any difference?


    • worldofamummy

      Hi Kate

      I think you can do it by clicking on the RSS – Posts button (on the right hand side under the picture of me and the little monsters).

      Ellen. x

  7. hello! Thank you for the award! I need to go away and do something with it…15? Oh my! xx

  8. Hiya Ellen,

    You won my Nigel Kennedy CD contest. Please email me your address as soon as possible so I can have your prize posted. You can email me at



  9. Hi there – many congrats on your first award (first of many no doubt) and thanks so much for passing it onto me. 🙂

  10. thank you for the award! I’d forgotten about it, sorry 🙂 hope to get round to it soon, lol. Just started following your blog, yey. Thanks for your comments on my blog xx

    • worldofamummy

      Don’t worry about it! I know how tired you must be. I promise that the whole baby and toddler thing gets a LOT easier. x

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