Sweet potato and sick.

Hmmm. We’ve clearly reached a milestone moment in Ciaran’s weaning, the first big puke. Last night I ‘chipped’ a sweet potato to cook alongside our dinner and reheated the chips this lunchtime for Ben to have with his fishfingers and Ciaran to have as a finger food.

I then rejoined the family in the lounge to play briefly before putting Ciaran to bed and then cooking dinner. Instead Ben came up to me looking a bit put out and told me, very calmly “Mama, goop hands”. He did indeed have goop on his hands, and down his T-Shirt. A micro puke if you will. This was probably his stomachs defense against the mammoth portions of fruit, yoghurt, pizza, crudites etc… he had ate during the day.

Once Ben was stripped we dunked him in the bath and decided that if he was poorly rather than just gluttonous it would be better for me to handle his bedtime.  So after a bath we sat in his pj’s and watched Futurama before going to bed.

Neither boy is ‘pukey’ so I figured that would be it for the next few months, cooked dinner (and a low fat pudding) and forgot about it.

As Ben was clingy, snotty and pale today I went easy on his lunch plate, just fish fingers and sweet potato chips (he’d already had raisins and a clementine at breakfast so I wasn’t too worried about pushing the fruit and veg). He was settled down with a fruit salad for pudding when I sat Ciaran in his highchair and offered sweet potato chips to him.

Yum. These were a very big hit with Ciaran. If I bit the end off he could happily gum and suck the soft sweet potato out before passing the flat empty shells of a chip to me. I wasn’t too concerned about the odd gagging face or little cough. A good strong gag stops them from choking on the bigger chunks and is a good thing (as I remembered with rose-tinted glasses from Ben’s weaning days).

I called time after three chips and helped him hold his cup up to his mouth for a good swig (this dislodged a few chunks down his T-Shirt) before lifting him out of the highchair.

As I lifted him he started coughing, the choking kind of cough rather than a gagging one.

When Ben was a baby the Flitwick health visitors offered a post-natal course for parents a month after birth and as part of it we were taught baby first aid, including CPR and how to help a choking baby.

I stayed calm and patted his back a few times while holding him in my arms (I wasn’t too worried as I believe that as long as they can breathe enough to scream/ cry then they can breathe and its probably all OK) and then the little bit of sweet potato that had caused the problem came up.

As the first aid lady had promised a ‘choking episode’ was followed by a dislodged piece of food and sick. Lots of sick. In a moment of extreme cleverness I swiftly stepped to the side and held puking Ciaran and my arm (dripping with warm soured milk and bits of sweet potato) over the highchair. As he brought up his third load of milk and potato I prayed silently that the highchair seat could hold it all and that the padding was sufficiently dented in the middle to form a sick bowl. It was (just).

Ben was staring in amazement at his brother the human milk fountain and his stinky dripping mother. I grabbed the nappy mat and got Ciaran onto it before stripping off my top (trying to fold it in on itself as I took it off to hold the sick in place) and wiping my arm down with a nappy wipe. I then stripped Ciaran off, wiped at him with a wipe and chucked our stinky clothes into the washing machine (adding a good slug of disinfectant to help it along).

Ciaran was then placed gingerly onto his playmat wearing just his little vest. He played happily until I worried that he would be cold and sat him up to put his lovely white matinee jacket (knitted by my Mum when Ben was a baby) on. Bleurgh. Another half mouthful of milk over the jacket.

I decided that it was best not to touch my youngest son for a while and let Ben and him sit up to watch I can Cook on CBeebies (or lie down to watch in Ciaran’s case). I then carefully got both kids upstairs and napping without anyone else being sick or covered in sick.

A sensible woman would give up on BLW and offer puree’s. Sadly I have never been sensible and despite being grossed out at cleaning puke off the highchair, baby and me think that it’s a good thing Ciaran can clear his pipes that effectively.

Ciaran’s first taste of carrot (which was more sucessful) has been included in the British Mummy Bloggers Carnival over at Family Friendly Working so please go and have a look at what other, more competent mothers and fathers have been up to over the last couple of weeks.

I’m off to hang my stinky clothes out to dry (hopefully they wont stink anymore) and then to jump around with EA Active, despite eating a few posh chocs I have lost 1 1/2 lb this week and am down to 9 stone 8!

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5 responses to “Sweet potato and sick.

  1. Ack, an unpleasant day for you then! It’s amazing how much they can hold isn’t it – I remember once in the early days of weaning feeding the Bear some pureed sweet potato (again – is it something about this particular veg?) which he disliked hugely and gave me his opinion via a giant gag which brought everything up at warp speed. Funnily enough they’re now one of the few cooked foods he’s got any time for!

    • worldofamummy


      It wasn’t so much the sweet potato that was gross, it was thesoured milk that accompanied it(really gorss smell). I am SO glad that they don’t do this on a regular basis! Ellen

  2. The choking sounds really scary. I gave Smallboy finger foods from 4 months but luckily we never had any choking…

    PS There’s an award for you over at my blog. Apologies if you’ve had it already – I don’t really know what I’m doing (with awards, motherhood, life in general…)

  3. Hi – this is so much like Car when she was a baby, it made me laugh.
    Bel was never a sicky baby so it came as a suprise when Car whether when drinking milk or being weaned would stop, puke and then carry on. I’ve had it in my mouth, hair and ear. It comes to the point where I would just hold her away from me!!
    Hope you don’t get this

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