Lots of food and fun

Ciaran is definately enjoying food. I started BLW with him last week, we started with carrots and soon discovered that butternut squash pieces (the ready prepared bag from tescos) are the ideal size to hold and taste really nice. My Mum was babysitting on Friday as I had an interview for an evening clerking job and she thought the look of concentration on his face was hilarious.

I’ve also offered him breadsticks (put in mouth and snapped in hands) and Petit Filous. The first time we fed him Petit Filous the spoon went into his mouth and he definately didn’t look impressed so I backed off. On Sunday afternoon I got out another little pot and he loved it, I was holding the spoon and he kept grabbing my fingers to guide it back to his little mouth. I hate to sound evangelical and preachy but I love watching a child go through BLW, they get to discover new tastes, new textures all at their own pace and instigation.

On my way around Tesco today I picked up a pack of potato farls (we are half Irish here remember) thinking that both boys would probably enjoy them for a breakfast or supper treat. Ben swooped onto the groceries as soon as I got home and was neatly diverted from ‘helping me unpack’ with a nectarine and clementine (that boy loves his fruit!).

I gave Ben the choice of lunch today, cheese, veg and crackers or a pizza. He chose the cheese and crackers (dairylea dunkers courtesy of my Mum, partially frozen carrot sticks, tomatos, salsa and a couple of ritz crackers) to my suprise so it’ll be pizza for dinner time – I just hope for Ben’s sake that Daddy doesn’t get home before he finishes his mini pizza or he may be forced to share!

I’ve been offered a job as a Clerk to a governing body, mainly evening work with one Saturday meeting and some training to go on so that will be good. It’ll keep my professional skills going and will get me out of the house a couple of times each term. I’ve emailed my manager at the council to ask if they can release me from my contract early, technically they can make me wait the full 3 months notice period but as I won’t be in the office for any of my notice period they’ll gain nothing by being obstructive.

Sadly, to celebrate my brilliance at getting a job my husband bought me a massive box of Thornton’s Classics as it was reduced to half price in Tesco and he thought that I would appreciate a huge box of chocs rather than a small one. I do appreciate the chocolates (a lot) but my diet probably doesn’t. When I hopped on the scales this morning there was no change from last week so I’m being as good as I can today in the hope that I can shed a half pound before tommorrow’s weigh in.

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