I couldn’t live without…

I have realised that I am sadly totally dependant on some things, so I’ve decided to share my can’t be without list.

[picapp src=”0288/01782802-a387-47a9-a6b3-55b8c86e3856.jpg?adImageId=4884205&imageId=292327″ width=”234″ height=”353″ /]

Tea: OMG I am a tea addict, I am very fussy about my tea it has to be English Breakfast (preferably Tesco Finest’s but Twinnings is OK as well) with a tiny splash of skimmed milk (to take the edge off the tannin). I drink at least 4 cups a day and would drink more but Hubby is complaining that I have a shocking dependancy and my teeth are yellow (both true). Obviously caffeine free is not worth boiling a kettle for.

I love my tea; it helps me time the length of time I need between boiling the kettle and pouring it into the sterilised bottles, it eases my sore throat and chest when I have a cold, warms me up and makes me feel that I can go on though the day without killing any of my loved ones.

Muslin squares: we have a drawer in the nursery dedicated to these life savers.

Mothercare muslin squares - 12pk White

Mothercares Muslin squares

They do everything a mother should – cleaning up milk, dribble and juice from faces, clothes and carpets; putting a toddler to sleep (he has to have it in his mouth to go to sleep), protecting my clothes from Ciaran’s mouth sleepily opening when he has a bottle, being doused in Olbas oil and hanging from the door handles to waft menthol to the kids noses, providing some modesty when breastfeeding in public and using as a face cloth (seriously Liz Earle used to charge me a fortune for her little muslin cloths until I had kids and decided that there was no difference between her muslins and the kids).

Soda Stream: I love fizzy water and my life changed the day hubby complained that he couldn’t put anything in the recycling bin as I had it permanently filled with bottles (we used to buy in bulk from Costco).

We now make a (roughly) monthly pilgrimage to Peterborough to refill both gas canisters in Lakeland. This has the obvious advantage of me being able to shop in Lakeland which I love to do.  

Home knitted blanket: Its a tatty old blanket which I started knitting when I was pregnant with Ben (photo above shows it in mint condition). Once it was finished and we moved from the pram style baby carrier to a stroller I realised that it was worth its weight in gold. I didn’t have to worry about a pretty, expensive mothercare blanket being dragged under the strollers wheels – my techni-coloured dream blanket could afford to be sacrificed. Despite this cruel treatment it is now used by Ciaran. Yes there are tiny holes where Ben has tried his hardest to pull the squares apart but it is still fit for purpose.

Popcorn: Its fairly low in points and has become my evening snack of choice. A couple of minutes in the microwave and then I have a bowl of salty popcorn to cuddle on the sofa.

Salsa: Points free and soooo yummy with ryvita, crudites or whatever simply filling food lunch I’m having.

The Twilight series: I got into this and having read the first book I had to rush onto Amazon to order the other three. I am re-reading them now and love being to remember my teenage days, the feeling of first love and being able to escape to a strange fantasy world (where I am at least ten years younger).

My family – all of them, from the three boys I live with (hubby is really just an overgrown boy – even if he is in his thirties now!) to my marvellous extended family who all keep me laughing and sane.

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2 responses to “I couldn’t live without…

  1. Do you know what – I knitted a blanket exactly the same as that (although different colours and yours looks somewhat expertly done…). Cheaper it may have been, but stuff the expensive one, save the one with all my hard work from the fate of the stroller wheels!

    • worldofamummy

      LOL sadly I can knit quite well but can’t for the life of me sew so a blanket is my limit (doesn’t matter if the sqaures dont all line properly) but I have lost count of the number of jumpers and cardies I started for Ben only to realise at the end that one sleeve would be halfway down his back!

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