Carrot for Ciaran.

Looking forward to some real food at last!

Looking forward to some real food at last!

Today was a big day for both of us.

Having discovered the first thing in the morning (after breastfeeding Ciaran but crucially before even having a glass of water) I weighed 9 1/2 stone I was somewhat put out to find that when fully clothed and fed I weighed 9stone 9 1/2 at weightwatchers. Chastised I have re-focussed on my diet, used EA Active yesterday (ouch!) and am tracking what I eat carefully.

I was appeased slightly this morning when the size 10 top that I accidentally grabbed in Primark (yes I know, where have my fair trade principles have gone?) fitted me! Yes thats right, I am currently wearing a size 10 top. Woo hoo! Last time I bought size 10 was probably in my first year at Uni if not back at VI form so I am delighted.

Ben was at nursery so at lunch I treated myself to leftover rice with thai stirfry veg, prawns and spices. As usual I scrambled some egg into it and ate a much more seasoned chinese / thai rice than I could normally do around Ben. Ciaran looked so longingly at my food and whimpered so pathetically that I decided to offer him food this afternoon. Once I had finished my mammouth stir fry I packed Ciaran into the stroller and walked the long way to Tesco’s.

All I really wanted was some carrots, maybe a breadstick box (I need to avoid eating them) and some petit filous as I remembered these three as being the trinity of early weaning days with Ben. As Mr Tesco’s offered me 3 ready preped veggie bags for £2.50 I decided that tommorrows lunch would be lots of veggies (carrots, butternut squash, peas and beans).

When we got home I let Ciaran wake in his own time in the stroller and then after a cuddle and chat I nuked two carrot sticks in the microwave to a sort of al dente texture. I then soaked them in cold water and made a cup of tea.

I handed Ciaran the first carrot stick and it went stright into his little gummy mouth. He sucked at it (hmmm carrotty water) and if the shocked look on his face means he swallowed some bits then I guess we’ll have a carrotty nappy later. He gummed both sticks, naturally there was a lot of waste – the wrong sized bits were spat out and the bits of carrot stick inside his palm weren’t available to his mouth but I am quietly confident that some of it has gone down.

Hmmmm whats this?

Hmmmm whats this?

Ciaran loved eating and was grinning and blowing raspberries at me. I called hubby to tell him, I offered him the chance to feed a Petit Filous to Ciaran this evening or tommorrow morning, he jumped at it; probably remembering the over sweetened taste and the fact that a tiny tot eats very little at this stage.

For a giggle I looked at Ben’s first baby led weaning post and saw that his first ever taste was also carrot, at least I’m being consistent with the kids! So here we go again, Ciaran is no longer just on milk he is also getting whatever nutrients he can from the food he gums. I feel slightly sad, I’ve enjoyed his little baby days so much, but very excited at all the fun we’ll have with food over the next few months.

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3 responses to “Carrot for Ciaran.

  1. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I can feel my standards lowering already 🙂

    • worldofamummy

      Its amazing things how would have brought me out in hives hardly register now! You seriously do get into the swing of things after a few months, I now manage to do a lot more housework than I thought possible and have even managed a few solo bedtimes (trying to entertain the older child quietly while the baby falls asleep).

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