Why I’m a red hot lover

We’ve had a busy weekend. My Saturday was spent cleaning downstairs while Hubby and my Dad put a new bathroom floor down. After lunch (toad in the hole, mixed veg and roasted chips – poor Ben has no idea how much I con him with these ‘chips’) we got ready to visit my cousin and his partner who have just had their first baby. As both boys were snotty (Ben had been coughing most of the night and Ciaran’s face was obscured by a thick layer of snot) we decided that we would leave them with my parents rather than share their germs with baby Brendan.

Brendan was gorgeous; newborns have such wise faces, looking at them I feel that they are little philosophers who already know the answers to all of lifes big questions. After plenty of cuddles for Brendan and his parents we went back home to our children and their doting grandparents.

In our absence my parents had tried to encourage Ben to share with Ciaran. He seems to have grasped the concept, if Ciaran is holding a toy Ben grabs it and instructs Ciaran to share, sadly this doesn’t work the other way yet. We thanked them for their time and for trying to teach Ben to share before waving them off. Operation rush to get ready then started. We had decided to have a night out together, no kids and had just over an hour to get both of us showered and dressed, bottles washed and sterilised, Ben’s teeth brushed and face washed and inhaler administered.

At six my Mum came back into the house as I finished laying out the kids bed clothes before Hubby and I wafted out on our way to Red Hot. Red Hot is an all you can eat resturant which serves a wide variety of cuisine (why specialise in one when there are so many lovely foods to choose from).

Waiting to get red hot

Waiting to get red hot

Miraculously we found a space outside the restuarant when we got to Milton Keynes and went inside. We were eating at a relatively early hour (6.30ish) as we are used to Mummy and Daddy schedules where you eat early on in the evening. The restuarant was heaving with people (probably the pre-theatre dinner crowd) so we sat in the (small) bar area while we waited to be called with a small lager for Hubby and a diet coke for me.

We were called to our table quite quickly my only gripe so far was that the tables were crammed really close together, making it really hard to pass someone going in the other direction and making it feel a bit like my old school dining hall. Once we sat down we quickly made our way to the self service area, I did my best and managed a plate of tex mex food and a plate of indian food before admitting defeat and turning to the salads.

While I gorged myself on salad Hubby was attempting to eat his way through the EU food mountains and suddenly got indigestion. This meant he didn’t get to try the gorgeous desserts (chocolate and walnut brownie yum!) or pick and mix style sweeties. I took pity on my poor Hubby’s indigestion (I hated it when I was pregnant) and didn’t force him into a bar as we had planned.

I drove us home, and my driving didn’t soothe poor Hubby much, although he was mommentarily distracted from the indigestion to beg me not to slam the brakes on quite so hard (his car is a little more sensitive than mine!). We were back home before 9 so I was able to watch Casualty while Hubby forced down some gaviscon and went upstairs to watch TV in the bedroom.

I loved my night out even if I was on designated driver duty (it’s not like I drink much anymore!) and even if we did call it a night earlier than we planned. I had good food and good company (in the form of my husband) and a great time.

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4 responses to “Why I’m a red hot lover

  1. Helen

    We love Red Hot too – in Northampton, YUMMY!!!

    • worldofamummy

      I know – there is something very wrong about loving it so much (I don’t normally think mixing cuisines is very classy) but it’s just sooo good. Sadly not good for my diet though!

  2. Ah, don’t you look nice. Those ‘date nights’ are so important when you have kids, aren’t they? I must rope my mum into some more babysitting…

  3. brighteyesblue

    Great to know your night outs out are as exciting as mine! Ha!Ha!

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