The Carnival of Eating

Come on in, its harvest festival time, Ciaran is getting ready to wean and today is carnivale! The Carnival of Eating, both yummy and yukky is here so grab a tea, plastic plate, something yummy and get stuck in.

It seems that this is one area that we all have issues with throughout our childs life; from our first attempts at weaning through to despairing at a teenagers diet of turkey twizzlers and chips (my little sister, the dietician, knows who I am talking about!).

Metropolitan Mummy looks at the signs that mean our LO’s are ready to get started and talks about her decision to start weaning at 20 weeks in Baby Ready for Solids. The starting of weaning and the method of weaning (puree’s vs finger foods) is a contentious one so I’ll pin my colours to the flag now, I’m a BLW mummy.

I followed BLW with Ben and eventually even my Mum agreed that it was the right way to go for us so I always love to hear about other people loving it! Poor exhausted Josie at Sleep is for the Weak explains her decision to follow Baby Led Weaning for Kai, and the great result 8 months on in Gagging not Choking. If anyone is not yet weaning and wonders what BLW is about then make this the post you read!

It seems to all go so well until they reach an age where they can talk, throw and refuse to eat anything you have touched (as I am learning with Ben now). Baking Mad Mamma looks at the disapointment and panic we feel when, despite having read the books and planned gorgeous home cooked meals, our babies and toddlers decide that they just aren’t that hungry or interested in food in Raisins and cheese straws and toast (oh my!). As someone who used to chant to herself until they’re one eating is just for fun to reassure myself I empathised completely with this post! In a similar vein Hot Cross Mum lists some of her toddlers’ best excuses for not eating their tea in Ten reasons not to eat your tea, it might be best not to let your children read these excuses as they are corkers.

one food that is guarenteed to satisfy!

ice-cream the one food that is guarenteed to satisfy!

Emily from Brits in Bosnia carries on the theme of feeding difficult toddlers (does anyone see a theme emerging about toddlers?) and wonders if by banning chocolate and sweets we simply make them a desirable contraband for our children in A different approach for fussy eaters? (could be, my husband’s chocolate bar always tastes better than mine when I take a sneaky nibble). Emily also bravely offers up Annabel Karmel’s recipes to her four year old and two year old in New recipes and fussy eaters.

Before we all go and stuff our faces with chocolate at the thought of feeding a toddler who refuses to eat what we give them we can all take heart from Kate in the Kitchen who’s meat loving son will gladly go veggie for a night when she cooks her Vegetable Stuffed Shells and  Being Mum Being Me who tells us in More Hummous please that when you ease off the veggies and offer meat the little darlings perform a volte face begging for veg. 

It seems that the whole experience of weaning, refusing food and deciding that crisps are much better than a salad is something that every child puts us through, and none of our little darlings eat marvellously all the time, at times the best we can do is to hope that some of the nutritious food gets into their system, be it through the osmosis of smearing guacamole onto your face or simply breathing near a plate of meat and veg!

Thank you to everyone who has shared their experiences good and bad. Suitably scared I’m going to wipe down the high chair and get ready to start the whole process again with Ciaran.

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  1. Looks like a veritable feast of reading here! Thanks for including my bit and well done for pulling this all together. Now, I must start chomping my way through these……

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