Naptime Nattering

Ben engaged in his favourite pastime.

Ben engaged in his favourite pastime.

Both boys are napping (I hope) so I’ve found my way to the cup of tea and laptop. Before having a nap I read the children a poem from Dirty Beasts. When I was little I loved Roald Dahl and couldn’t wait to start reading to Ben, I soon realised that a baby’s attention span and memory of last nights chapter isn’t quite strong enough for anything more exciting than Goodnight Moon so todays poem was a big momment for me.

We read about the pig before Ben climbed into his bed cuddling his Teddy and I took Ciaran off to the nursery to cover my shoulder in regurgitated SMA peacefully before going to sleep. I am sure Ben at least will nap well, he has ate ridiculous amounts of food today:

Breakfast: 1 portion of Oatso Simple (Golden Syrup flavour – naughty me). I know that my Dad and husband call these sachets baby sized portions but they are designed to be big enough to satisfy an adult surely, not a two year old. However, Oatso Simple is his breakfast of choice at the momment and is always finished.

Snack: At 10 Ben ran into the kitchen in a panic. “Food, now”. He ran back to his table and sat looking worriedly at the kitchen as I sprinted over to him with a nectarine which was quickly demolished.

Lunch: Jacket Potato (for both of us, his was loaded with butter, mine with spring onions, bacon and low fat soft cheese), three fish fingers (he finished them and asked for more fish several times), one Dairylea Dunkers, 1 ryvita dipped into the remaining cheese. No fruit for dessert today as I was worried about the effect of two nectarines and porridge would have on his nappies.

When he gets up from his nap, he will inevitably he hungry for a yoghurt, he is no longer satisfied with the small weightwatchers fromage frais that I like, he prefers his Daddy’s pots of muller-rice as a snack to keep him going. 

Where does all this go? He is tiny for his age and yet he eats so much. Strange child.

Now the bulk of the post gets political. If you don’t want to read about why I am angry with Gordon Brown or why I am relieved to be a SAHM at the momment please skip to the penultimate paragraph for some exciting news!

 I was also interested by two things in the news, both making me glad that I am now a SAHM. Gordon Brown has decided to penalise working mothers by removing our (capped) tax break for child care. Its not like you get an awful lot of money from the child care vouchers as they are capped for each tax band, but he wants to deliver the promised free child care (remember when everyone was going to get free nursery places from the age of 2?) to low income families and has to rob Peter to pay Paul.

For the love of God, New Labour has badgered women like me, made us feel guilty if we considered staying at home to be Mum’s, and now they are removing the financial incentive we had.

The other news was that children of working mothers are less likely to be exercising and eating healthily. I imagine that this will depend on the child care that people use. I’ve always had an irrational thing about childminders, they’re just another Mum like me and they are as fallible as me, as likely to stick on CBeebies and have a cup of tea / do the ironing. But even when your child is at a good nursery or with a great childminder, you don’t know for sure what they are doing in the day.

Having been a working Mum I know that Ben’s diet changed when I went back to work, gone were the healthy home made dinners (made in bulk and frozen) and I started sending him to my Mum’s clutching a tin of Heinz Spag Bol or sausages and beans. I also found that when I got home in the evening I was too busy trying to cram a day’s worth of love and parental attention into the few hours before bed that I didn’t always manage to cook a dinner, sometimes DH and I would have a takeaway or more often a frozen pizza. If Ben was up and eating we cracked open a tin of ravioli for him.

My final thought is Go Rob and Ria. My cousin and his partner are having their first baby as I type. Fingers crossed for them, we don’t know what they are having and we don’t mind what flavour it is as long as it is happy and healthy.

If you have read all of this please let me know what you think about the two issues by taking part in the polls, or by commenting.



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2 responses to “Naptime Nattering

  1. Hi tired mummy! I didn’t see the childcare voucher thing in the news and now I am very angry and discontented indeed! He might be robbing Peter to pay Paul but now I will have to too!

    • worldofamummy

      LOL at robbing Peter to pay Paul as well. It was carefully buried in all of the anti-social behaviour initiatives and plans to offer more help to lower income families.

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