Bake and Roll

I am blogging relatively early in the morning as its a weekend so hubby is here and willing to do his bit with the kids, particularly as I have got his rotten cold so after two cups of tea I feel well enough to be vertical but too ill to do much practical work (this state of being won’t be allowed by Ben and Ciaran for much longer) so I’m blogging!

Hungry boy!Yesterday I told Ben we could make cakes, he kept singing Big Cook Little Cook to remind me of my promise. Disaster struck when I realised our self raising flour situation was precariously low, there might be 4 ounces, there might not. So, as in so many domestic emergencies, Ninny came to the rescue. She watched the kids while I shot to Tesco’s. She then stayed and settled Ciaran for his morning nap while Ben and I got busy. I broke up the chocolate and he put it in a bowl ready to melt, I taught him about creaming the butter and sugar (or Splenda in our case) while the melted chcolate cooled, showed him how to break eggs and let him stir the bowl plenty of times (trying to keep the spoon from dripping raw cake mix all over the kitchen floor where we were sat). Ben was very good and didn’t snatch the bowl of melted chocolate off me (to my amazement).

I decided to adapt the cappucino style cakes from my cupcake book to be more child friendly. So in place of the nice green and blacks cocoa we used Ben’s Whittard’s Dreamtime chocolate mix (cocoa with honey and cammomile) and in place of the chocolate covered coffee beans we decided to add some choc chips and other goodies.

Like any good baking Mummy I had a little cake sprinkles set in the cupboard (four different chocolate things, vermicelli, drops etc…) so I (bravely) let Ben pick which sections to open and go nuts shaking them into the bowl. Ben picked white chocolate drops and what I thought were milk chocolate drops.

We then decided to live dangerously, I opened a bag of mini marshmallows and we tested one each to decide if they would go in his hot chocolate style cakes. Ben decided they would. Ben was putting handfuls of marshmallows in the mix very nicely until he struggled with a very large handful, got his fist out of the bag and before I could stop him shoved a fistload of marshmallow into his mouth. Seriously 7-8 mini marshmallows in one go. I was gobsmacked.

Explosion in the marshmallow factory!

Explosion in the marshmallow factory!

We baked the cakes and although they looked like an explosion in a sweet factory (melted marshmallow with bits of cake) Ben seemed to approve. We have named them Ben’s Hot Chocolate Cupcakes. Ben ate plenty of them. I wondered what was making them so sticky and gooey and after reading the ingrediants of my chocolate sprinkles I found that Ben had added milk chocolate chews, explaining the sticky sweet melted goo.

In the afternoon Ciaran was lying on his back and rolling onto his side to have a look at the world around him. He grabbed my fingers with both hands and yanked himself onto his tummy! Clever boy he has now rolled from tummy to back and back to tummy (once each way!). He doesn’t seem keen to practice this new skill and I’m not in a hurry to force him to roll and move.

When Ben was little I spent ages trying to strengthen him to sit and roll, tummy time, sitting on the floor with minimal support etc… with Ciaran I haven’t bothered and he is still developing at the same pace. Obviously children hit these milestones when they are ready and there is very little parents can do to speed things up.

When both boys got up from their naps we went to see my parents (bearing gifts of cakes naturally) and Ben and Ciaran had a nice afternoon playing with their toys at Ninny and Barry’s house before coming home and getting ready for bedtime.



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2 responses to “Bake and Roll

  1. Hi Ellen,
    I am very, very impressed by your baking prowess! We haven’t baked much together in recent years but when we do, we do have fun. I suprised myself a few weeks back by managing to get us to make chocolate chip cookies without the aid of a recipe or weighing scales! I beamed with pride..
    I wanted to say thank you for commenting so thoughtfully on my blog in recent days…so thank you! x

    • worldofamummy

      Thanks Linda,

      I must say baking is a struggle as I hate to weight and measure things but it seems to keep the little monster happy for a while and impresses my poor husband!

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