I take a bit of a cavalier approach to feeding Ben, when BLW was first invented (or blogged about) there were no guidelines other than don’t feed before 6 months, and if you absolutely can’t wait, no wheat. I tried to keep Ben away from nuts until he was a year old but failed (I forgot that Honey Nut Cornflakes are covered in peanuts) and then decided that he clearly wasn’t allergic so could eat them.

He has a taste for the spicy mixed nuts in Nando’s (he’ll help himself and shovels them in his mouth) and occasionally has a treat bowl of fruit and nuts (unsalted, I’m not a completely reckless mother). This morning hubby noticed the bag of luxury fruit and nuts open on the table (having run out of raisin boxes I was picking mixed fruit out for Ben to add to his porridge) and he decided that nuts were unsafe for a toddler.

I know he is right, and my Mum (who babysat while I had a blood test) told me that in her day you didn’t give a child under three nuts in case they choked on them (you didn’t have peanut allergies when my sister and I were children) but Ben has been managing ‘choking hazard’ food for a long time (for example I quickly got bored of cutting grapes in half, and never once bothered to peel them). As Ben loves nuts and they are full of healthy fatty oils I have decided that he can have his bowl of fruit and nuts if :

  • I pick out lots of fruit so there aren’t many nuts
  • I sit in the room ready to leap into action if needed
  • He is baying for them.

That decided he had a bowl of fruit and nuts for a snack, I reminded him to eat one nut at a time (rather than seeing how many would fit in his mouth at a time) and watched him make appreciative noises about his fruit and nuts.

So there – my toddler is a nut eater and I am defiantly proud of it.



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2 responses to “Nuts.

  1. I did the same with honey nut cornflakes – currently 2yo’s favourite cereal. Museli is another fave of his – oops more nuts.
    Having said that, I do the same; I am ready to leap into action at the slightest hint that choking might ensue.
    Can’t recommend the approach to other mothers, but it works for us!
    Good post – thanks.

    • worldofamummy

      Thanks Jane, whenever I mention my reckless parenting I panic that someone else might do the same and blame me if it all goes wrong. That said the biggest problems we’ve ever had with choking were the one time I tried to show off at a NCT meeting (Ben brought up chunks of apple everywhere) and when I took him to Burger King, the novelty of a burger and chips was too much and he nearly choked after shovelling six chips into his mouth in one go!

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