Domestic drudgery

Another day, another thing to clean.

I don’t mind the housework much now and today tackled two cleaning jobs on my to-do list. Clean the microwave and the oven door.

When I put the chemical sludge over the oven last weekend I left the door as I wasn’t sure if it was OK to use it on a glass door and I knew I had to keep it away from the seal (I didn’t fancy the sludge dripping down the door and burning a hole in the seal). So today I tackled the grimmest of jobs, my oven door. Seriously its only been cleaned a couple of times since we moved in and you can hardly see through it.

I decided that realistically I wouldn’t be able to get it all done in one session but that if I could get a good start I could finish it off with another scrubbing at a later date.

The other reason that I was cleaning these was that I had a lemon left to use up. Half a lemon squeezed into a jug of water and popped into the microwave for 10 minutes loosened up the grime ready for me to wipe it down. The only problem is that we have a combi-microwave and I can’t get all over the top of the microwave as the grill element is in the way, but I did the best I could and my microwave now smells slightly lemony. Yum.

The other half a lemon was coated with table salt and then used to scrub the grimy oven door. It was suprising how much dirt you can off with a salty lemon and elbow grease. There are still some streaks of dirt, but you can actually see through the door (it wasn’t clean when we moved into the house so who knows how old some of the dirt is – gross!).

Ben was very tantrummy and clingy today, pretending to be scared of his Dad and wanting my immeadiate and undivided attention for most of the day so I didn’t get to clean the glass panes in the doors as I had planned to do. Lunch was chinese fried rice (a great favourite in our house). As I never seem to have cooked rice lying around the house I’ve found the ultimate in lazy mummy cooking in this recipe.

Chinese fried rice – enough for a mummy and toddler.

Spray a wok with a little oil. Take 1 pack of veeda basmati rice and empty into the wok. Break the rice up with a wooden spoon. Add a generous amount of frozen mixed vegetables and frozen prawns.

If time / supplies and inclination allows add some tinned sweetcorn, stir fry veg (baby sweetcorns are good), spring onions, ginger or garlic. If you don’t want to add any – its no biggie.

When veg and prawns are nearly defrosted / cooked push the rice mix to one side of the wok and crack one or two eggs into the cleared corner, scramble them and then stir into the rice.

Season (cautiously) with soy sauce and thai fish sauce. Dish up toddler sized portion, before seasoning more liberally with sauces, dried chilli etc.. and eating.

(NB a dustpan and brush / industrial strength hoover is helpful to clean up the mess left by a toddler eating rice).

Chinese rice is one of Ben’s faves (and mine) and I am always proud of him when he eats this as it amazes me that a child of mine will willingly eat vegetables like brocoli and cauliflower. Its also the only way I can get him to eat eggs at the moment so we tend to eat it at least once a week.

In the afternoon hubby came home early and I took advantage of the weather by walking to Tesco with Ben sitting in the stroller (a rare luxury for him as he normally goes on the buggy board or walks next to his brother who is ferried around in style), as a treat for being good he had an apple on the way home.

Bedtime went to pot tonight, I put Ciaran to bed with a quick breast feed followed by a bottle of SMA. He fell asleep and I couldn’t get a good burp out of him before putting him down. I came downstairs, had a drink of water and chatted with hubby and Ben. Hubby then announced bed time for Ben to a terrified response.

Ben was screaming “No Dadda Bed, Mamma, Mamma, Mamma Bed”. I offered to take him to bed if hubby would cook dinner and was told that as he was so tired it would go hideously wrong. He took Ben upstairs and as I started dinner (Bolognase Bake) I could hear hysterical screams echoing down the stairs. Eventually I called time, Ben could come downstairs while I got dinner ready, I’d then put him to sleep once dinner was in the oven.

As soon as he was downstairs Ben was fine with his Dad, he had just got a strange issue about his Dad putting him to bed so he was happy with this arrangement. As I put the bake in the oven we heard Ciaran screaming at full volume. Hubby went to burp and cuddle him while I changed Ben’s nappy and put him to bed.

Ciaran cried while I settled Ben down, and then leaving Ben with a “night night mummy” I went to jiggle my baby on my shoulder to see if I could get some more wind up before offering to feed him. Thank God my supply hasn’t dried up (I’m only breast feeding him a couple of times a day) as having a short comfort feed did the trick and he fell asleep just in time for me to dish up dinner.

My hands and back ache from carrying a clingy toddler around and a windy baby, scrubbing the kitchen, cleaning bottles, cooking two hot meals and wiping bums but I am happy to do it for my three lovely men, my Hubby and two babies.


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