Today’s to-do list

Hmm another busy day in the house of toys and nappy wipes.

To-do today

  • Hoover lounge (again as last night hubby got in from work very late, ate pizza and managed to sprinkle pizza across floor).
  • Wash adult clothes (foiled by the weather – I thought it looked cloudy and wet and put the dryer on, two hours later not a drop of rain!)
  • Wash Ciaran’s bottles and sterilise.
  • Make up bottles (he had three bottles yesterday, he’s already had two today so I think he is definately expressing his preference for milk that drips out of a bottle into his mouth with no effort!)
  • Invest Ciaran’s Child Trust Fund (I tried but the website kept crashing).
  • De-stink sink (just done it – 1tsp of bicarb of soda followed by a slug of white vinegar).
  • Decide if own business is viable (two jobs for today, get three conference venue quotes and three website design and hosting quotes) – not done :-(.

OK – so I’ve failed to do the hard work (banking and getting quotes) but I was distracted by Holly Willoughby on This Morning. Its not fair. When I switch on TV I don’t want to see someone so young, slim and pretty looking back at me, while I have crazy hair, strawberries smeared over me (thanks Ben!) and my glasses on lopsided.

I should be grateful as the children were strangely co-operative last night, going to bed like good little boys for me. Ciaran fell asleep despite me and Ben’s rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Ben fell asleep, exhausted by all the singing.

A little bit more thinking time for hubby and I and then we can finally decide what I am going to do, will I go back to work, will I carry on with the current set up or will I set up my own business. No pressure.


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