A certain something in the air….

For once its not the scent of dirty nappy either. Yesterday I roped poor old huby into helping with the grubby housework. He did the bathroom I went to Tesco’s and got one of those clean your oven kits. After being thoroughly terrified by the warnings I got the grill pan into the bag with some of the cleaning solution and splodged the rest over my oven.

6 hours later I tried to clean it up but found that the fumes were aggrevating my asthma so I put both boys to bed giving hubby clear instructions to wipe up the black goop and then clean the oven with lots of warm soapy water. I was told that this had been done a suprising 5 minutes later. Well done you I thought as I washed and dressed Ben.

Today I switched the oven on as I made Ciaran’s two bottles for the day and realised after a few minutes that as I got the chicken out I was wheezing again and there was a funny taste at the back of my throat, I opened the oven and a plume of white smoke shot out, symbolising not the election of a pope but that my hubby’s cleaning had been haphazard at best. I threw open the conservatory and oven door, left it to cool a little before scrubbing the oven and oven door with plenty of warm soapy water.

Lucky for us that I did, otherwise we would be having roast with the slightest hint if hydrogen peroxide.



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2 responses to “A certain something in the air….

  1. I’m here via BMB. Your boys are gorgeous. I have two boys, 2 & 1!
    Does your husband read your blog? I once left a jokey comment on someone’s blog about their husband not pulling his weight and he took it quite badly!
    I’ll be bold and say what’s on my mind. I think some men do housework poorly ON PURPOSE, so they don’t get asked again!
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog.
    Sandy x

    • worldofamummy

      Hi Sandy

      my husband does occasionally read this, but in all honesty I can say that I think he genuinely did do the best he could, apparently it must have been sticking to the top of the oven and then pooled at the bottom overnight. As for not being asked to do it again – I am such a slovenly housewife that the last time the oven was cleaned was a year ago when I was pregnant and the smell was making sick. Hubby cleaned it then, so I think that being bad at cleaning ovens won’t much of a difference to our housework as we clean it so rarely!

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