Crazy busy mummy and pooey baby

Yesterday was Ben’s nursery day so Ciaran and I did some housework. We dusted, polished and hoovered the lounge, washed the bottles, descaled the steriliser, de-stinked the kitchen sink, cleaned the hob, cleaned all the glass panes in the doors and made home made jam.

We had a glut of blackberries (about a lb lying around doing nothing) so I made a blackberry and apple jam and OMG it is amazing. Making it was easy, getting the right equipment was much much harder. When Ciaran woke from his morning nap I changed his nappy put him in the car seat, loaded the stroller into the boot and drove off – forgetting to shut the front door. Luckily I realised half way down the road, shot back and shut the door. Panic over.

As I was only out for a short trip to Ampthill for a run around Waitrose and the cooking shop I didn’t bother to pack a nappy bag. A few minutes later I pulled up at Waitrose and realised that Ciaran hadn’t just done a poo, he had done a massive poo which had leaked out of his nappy, out of his vest and trousers and onto the car seat. No nappies, no nappy bags, no wipes and a pooey baby. We ran to waitrose, got nappies and wipes and did a quick bum change on the back seat of the car before deciding that the trousers looked far to filthy to wear, but the vest and T-shirt would be OK if he had a muslim wrapped around his bottom in the stroller and was wrapped up in a blanket.

Lots of the nice independant high street shops that we should all patronise are not baby friendly and the cooking shop is no exception, a nice high step and then narrow crowded aisles. I elected to stand and ask the assistant to find the stuff rather than browsing and knocking half the shop over with Ciaran. I left £25 lighter with 6 small jars, a jam thermometer and a bag of waxed paper discs. I had also been told to come along to St Andrews Pram service with both boys on Tuesday at 2pm which I think I will as I keep failing to get them to mass and want to bring them up as Christians (if they decide to be hindu’s, atheists, pagan’s or whatever at a later stage I don’t mind).

We then went back to Waitrose to get a couple of bramley apples, lemons, jam sugar and other bits and bobs for the house before going home and getting changed into clean clothes. Making jam with a screaming baby is an interesting experience, I left the fruit to stew while I fed Ciaran (using the timer to make sure I didnt forget about it), tipped the jam sugar in brought it back to the boil, entertained Ciaran for five minutes before testing it with the thermometer (it said it was just at setting point) and a frozen saucer (which said it wasn’t at setting point). Ciaran and I decided to leave it a little longer before we were confident it would set and taking it off the heat. Cleaned out jars and lids were put upside down in the over and sterilised before I took Ciaran up for his lunch time nap.

My first ever batch of jam

My first ever batch of jam

I then poured the jam into the jars (messy but tasty!) got the paper discs and lids on and voila – home made jam done – and it set really well. I then had the lovely fun task of cleaning the kitchen ready for the evening. Hubby had a late meeting at work so I was putting both boys to bed alone (my Mum would have helped, but was on her holiday).

When I picked Ben up at nursery I found him and a little girl in the room on their own with no nursery nurse or other children, his key worker came running in, Ben has had a growth spurt and can open the doors at nursery and had decided that he was bored of playing outside and had let himself back in! They said that next week will be his last week with them as he has settled so well in the next class up. If I do give up work I’ll hate leaving his nursery, it feels like part of the family 😦

Ben tested the jam on some toast and gave it his thumbs up before we watched a little CBeebies and took Ciaran to bed. Ben called the shots, he decided Twinkle Twinkle Star wasn’t the right song for bedtime and instead we sang Ciaran that well known lullaby Baa Baa Black Sheep. Once Ciaran was settled Ben got changed but insisted on sitting up, so we watched the Simpsons together with a cup of tea before going to bed.

Ben gave the jam the seal of approval.

Ben gave the jam the seal of approval.

Back downstairs I decided to treat myself to my favourite dinner for when I am on my own, cheats carbonara (hubby hates cheese) and was happily cooking in a clean kitchen surrounded by yummy homemade jam when hubby got home, who also gave the jam the thumbs up.

Domestic goddess? Not quite but I am getting much better at being a housewife and am even starting to enjoy housework. Lets see how long this lasts!


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