NHS Madness

An early morning conversation between a mother and father:

Her: Look lets just get in there and get out quickly. We don’t really need to see the consultant, there’s nothing wrong with him.

Him: No – should we cancel?

Her: No – we cant cancel half an hour before the appointment. But lets agree, no questions, when he says Ben is fine we nod and get out. We are going today to get discharged from the child development clinic, not to get more appointments. There is nothing at all wrong with Ben.

Him: OK – no questions. No talking.

Her: Good.

Which explains why we left the “half hour” consultation much later having agreed that Ben was developing normally, had plenty of energy etc… with a follow up appointment with the consultant in a years time and a referral for an ECG! At Ben’s last appointment with the Child Development Clinic (over a year ago) they found a tiny heart murmur. As it doesn’t affect him at all we were told it was innocent.

Its still there, and still not affecting him but for some bizarre reason we are having an ECG. I say we, I wouldn’t be suprised if at some point before Christmas I am sat in a hospital corridor with Ben and Ciaran (and hopefully my Mum to help me coral the kids in the right direction) waiting and waiting only to be told that he is too wriggly or something similar. I did say in the appointment that I wasn’t sure it was necessary, given that Ben had plenty of get up and go, but hubby would rather have it to set his mind at rest. Aaaah.

You actually need to revise before those meetings. At the first one hubby was expected to know the exact age Ben first smiled, rolled, crawled, etc… today I was asked how many words did he know, I hazarded a guess and said several hundred, at which the consultant raised his eyebrows and suggested 50-100! How old was Ben was he was diagnosed with asthma, how old was he when he first showed symptoms of asthma? When he walks up the stairs how does he do it (well on his hands and feet – no does he put one foot on the step and then the other – yes…) how does he go downstairs (holding my hand and walking – no is it one foot and then the other – yes….).

Dont get me wrong the consultant was a very nice man in a very child friendly office which Ben loved (he also took a shine to the smiley student doctor and grabbed her hand to lead her to the dollies play house!) and I should be grateful at getting a good consultant to look after Ben but there really is no need, other than having a small head there is no problem (and who wants a child to look like the hamburgler anyway!).


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