Goodbye to all that?

I am thinking about weaning Ciaran off the boob onto the bottle. I don’t think we are having any difficulties its just that I am tired of being used as a comfort blanket / dummy all day long. He seems to spend much of the day demanding to latch on and then has a short feed, dozes off etc… Bedtimes are the worst as he relaxes, sleeps on the boob and then wakes up screaming in the cot 10 minutes later. Annoyingly a few weeks ago I was congratulating myself for having two kids able to sleep through – oh how pride comes before a fall.

On Saturday night hubby and I went to the pub with my sister, leaving my Mum to cope with the kids. Ciaran had spent an hour upstairs feeding and dozing but was screaming furiously as we left. My Mum tried to give him the bottle of expressed milk but he refused it (I think he was probably stuffed to the gills with milk already!), eventually he cried himself to sleep as she settled Ben down in his room. It was then (after a  day where I had to breastfeed him twice over lunch in a crowded La Tasca) that I decided something had to give and it was going to be my milk.

To make the transition easier for him and to see if this is what I really want hubby is giving Ciaran a bottle a day of expressed milk (luckily the bottom quarter of my freezer is full of bags of milk). Eventually we’ll probably start slipping in some formula (when the frozen milk mountain starts to diminish) but for now he is still an exclusively breast fed baby.

The trick is to make sure they are hungry first - doh!

The trick is to make sure they are hungry first - doh!

We found over the bank holiday weekend that the secret is to make sure he is hungry (i.e. hasn’t been fed in the last couple of hours) and then he will take a bottle happily. It sounds obvious but when you get into the mind set of feed on demand you offer the boob at every cry and Ciaran isn’t going to turn down the offer of a quick feed so he had been going on and off the boob far too often.

We also got some new bottles for Ciaran at the weekend, I started to worry that if he would be feeding more frequently from the bottle he needed something a bit better than the very old Avent and Tommee Tippee’s Ben had used two years ago. At Boots I couldnt see (from the picture on the box) any difference between Boots closer to nature bottles and Tommee Tippee’s other than the price (one was £8 the other £20). When I got them home I discovered two things

1. Boots make you line up tiny little squares into little gaps rather than just tugging the teat into the ring any old way – not a biggy but it would be fun to do in the middle of the night.

2. Boots bottles (and Tommee Tippee bottles) dont fit well into my Avent steriliser. They balence precariously on the ring holder and fall out whenever you move the holder into the steriliser.

3. Boots bottles dont fit an Avent breast pump, so I need to keep a couple of Avent bottles for expressing.

I’m not sure if I should maybe get a new steriliser anyway, despite careful cleaning before each use there is brown crap in the bottom ofter it has been used, maybe a Boots steriliser would fit the bottles in better.

Anyway – another week is starting. Once Mr Tesco’s has delivered the weekly shop (an extra weekend day is a day less to do your shopping and housework so I’ve ordered online!) I’ll get the kids upstairs, washed and dressed (the minute I go upstairs he’ll arrive and then I’ll have to dassh downstairs with Ben and Ciaran) and then see if my Mum can watch them while I go to weight watchers (hopefully I’ll have lost some weight this time!).


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