Roly Poly

We had a lovely day today, my sis was visiting from York and we (me, the boys, sis and my Mum) all went to the butterfly farm at Wilden. Ben wasn’t too excited by the butterflies, but was very keen on the goat – he stroked it without any encouragement and spiders (shudder). He also loved the trail through the woods and fields (although he insisted on running most of it and fell into stinging nettles twice). Lunch was a kids lunch box from the cafe and it was actually reasonably priced, £3.60 for a filled roll, piece of fruit, fruit juice, bag of crisps and bag of raisins is quite good in a tourist trap.

The big news is that this evening when I flipped Ciaran onto his tummy to do his back after a nice bath the little tinker rocked around on his tummy (he pulls his legs up behind him) lurched over to the side and then rolled over – he didn’t manage to do a ‘full’ roll as his arm was in the wrong position but he got 90% of the way to his back before deciding to lurch to the over side and go back onto his tummy!

Wow – Ben was 6 months old when he did that little Ciaran is just under 4 months. I think the other big difference is that I was desperate for Ben to reach milestones, I wanted to tick them off in my head; with Ciaran I’m more relaxed and actually quite like this current stage, not needing to feed all night long but not able to move or send me to the naughty corner yet!

Ben’s speech has improved so much recently. His Daddy was talking to him before bed and Ben was able to tell him (with some prompting) that his aunty had a sore mouth and when his Dad asked him about getting stung by the nettles, he said “yes, stings” and then pulled up his trouser leg and sleeve to show his Daddy exactly where it had happened.

Anyhow – little moans from upstairs suggest that he hasn’t settled as well as he could so I’m going to down my tea before it turns into full blown screaming. I am very proud of both my super boys.


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