Bedtime shenanigans

After quite a nice day I had a nightmare getting Ciaran to sleep tonight and turned into the wicked witch of the west with Ben.

Other than his early morning nap (around 9am) Ciaran wouldn’t settle for a nap today. He is often a bit difficult on Wednesdays, maybe he misses having his brother at home with him or maybe he realises that it is his only chance to have me running around at his beck and call! Either way he didn’t nap like he should have done, he watched me make weightwatchers banana and raspberry muffins instead of having a post lunch nap and watched me sing and dance for his amusement in the afternoon.

Come six o’clock I had a very over-tired grouchy baby. As he was going ballistic I gave him a short breast feed before putting him down to scream while I ran the bath. A nice calm bath was followed by screaming as I dressed him and took him into my bedroom to feed. I got him to drift off around 7, just as Daddy brought up an over-tired Ben (spending half a day with the big children and having a swimming lesson at nursery had tired him out as well!). I went downstairs and started preparing my tea (cheats carbonara).

About 10 minutes later Ben had a massive screaming fit about not wanting a bath. He was howling for me and inevitably woke Ciaran up. I had to turn the hob off (the water for my pasta was nearly at boiling point – grrr) and go upstairs again (very hungry). I opened the bathroom door and gave Ben a piece of my mind. I shouted at him that he was a naughty noisy boy and had woken Ciaran up and that now Ciaran was sad. That said I then tried to settle Ciaran who was too upset to feed.

In exasperation I decided that if he didn’t want to feed/ burp then I would let him yell while I ate dinner. A very contrite Ben and Daddy cuddled him for a couple of minutes while I wolfed my pasta down before heading upstairs for the third time to settle Ciaran. Feeding him in the nursery chair wasn’t an option (if he’s grumpy he hates to feel the sides against his head or feet) so I sat up in my bed with the TV on, muffin and glass of water at my side. After 10 minutes of bouncy walking (I’m sure all Mums do it, where your legs and the balls of your feet put a little bounce in to your steps) I was able to get him to latch on and nurse while I walked and then finally sat in my bed.

After a mammouth feed (practically all he did today was feed) he finally settled back down and I carried him very carefully to the nursery, laid him in his cot and breathed a sigh of relief when I saw his arms relax at his side.

Phew – I’m sure that him and Ben do this occasionally in case hubby and I ever think we are in charge of anything in this house, we may pay the mortgage and council tax but the masters of the house are definately the kids.

Last thoughts for the day are two weird ones.

  • There is a manhole / trap door type thing in our conservatory. Its right in the centre there, metal edging cutting across some of the tiles, and it’s screwed or nailed into place. I had never noticed it before until hubby mentioned it this morning? What lies beneath my conservatory?
  • Banana – I gag at the smell of the fruit – and yet if you mash it up, mix it into muffins and bake them they don’t taste disgusting – in fact unless you have a large mouthful you don’t taste anything remotely banany – is it the baking, mashing or simply the fact that one banana is spread between 8 muffins, who knows?

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