Left holding the baby (sick)

Fatherly love is so well rewarded

Fatherly love is so well rewarded

Last night we decided to mix things up a little and my long suffering husband agreed to a “baby swop”. He would put Ciaran to bed and I would put Ben to bed. When he got home from work he played with the children and made Ben egg and toast for tea (Ben refuses to eat egg unless it is egg fried rice but unluckily for him I am as stubborn as he is and egg keeps appearing on his plate) while I dusted polised and hoovered upstairs.

When I came down I had a little play time and feeding Ciaran time while he made dinner (wow it was nice to have someone else cook for a change!) and then we ate dinner together before he took Ciaran upstairs just after 6.

Ciaran it must be reported wasn’t too happy about the change in parents for bedtime and got himself very worked up waiting for his bath to run. I tried my hardest to ignore the screams upstairs and focussed on my time with Ben. We had a cup of tea (well I had tea, Ben had juice), a run around the garden and fun harvesting the cherry tomato’s straight into Ben’s mouth. I pushed my feelings of trepidation down and warmed up the seven ounces of milk I had defrosted earlier in the day so that Ciaran wouldn’t have to be left alone upstairs while his Daddy got the milk ready.

I could hear even more screams of anger when Ciaran realised that this bottle was supposed to replace a breast feed, and to add to his anger it wasn’t even the normal Avent little one, as I thought he would want a big feed I had sterilised a tommee tippee bottle of Ben’s for him (well its supposed to be easier for a breast fed baby to feed from a TT bottle). Eventually the screams were broken up by short periods of silence as he grudgingly had some milk.

Anyway, Ben and I were cuddled nicely on the sofa watching 64 Zoo Lane when I got a call from upstairs to get a muslin cloth – I called back that they were in the fourth drawer, but when I didn’t hear footsteps moving across the nursery to the drawers I went up to investigate. Daddy was sitting in the chair with Ciaran propped up in one arm and a handful of loads of baby goop in the other hand!

He had burped Ciaran part way through the feed, a little goop came up which he instictively caught in his hand before Ciaran brought up the rest of the bottle into his hand! To be fair he had queried the wisdom of using a stage 2 teat for a baby who is not a fan of bottles, my reply that sometimes my milk flows very fast had put his mind (erroneously) to rest.

As Ciaran was hysterical at this point I swopped children again and gave him a very quick feed before he fell asleep and went into his cot, luckily Ciaran settled quickly so I was able to give Ben his bottle and bedtime story which was a really nice experience, as I lay down stroking my toddlers hair to soothe him a little (I wanted him calm but alert when I left) I was reminded that he is still really a baby himself, he is very good and quite clever for his age and sometimes I think we forget he is only two years old and still needs to be allowed to be a baby from time to time.

Anyway – off to weightwatchers. I was naughty this week and increased my treat allowance from 21 to 30. I figured that if I was doing the normal diet rather than Simply Filling Foods I would have increased my daily points allowance from 20 to 30 so moving my weekly points up by 9 points should be OK (I hope). I’m also hoping it helps Ciaran as he hadn’t gained much weight at his last weigh in.


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