Whoops – I forgot to potty train him!

One of my aims for the summer was to potty train Ben and I managed to forget to do it! We tried once or twice and he said he didn’t want to use a potty and then we were too busy doing exciting things.

I dont think I’ll start it for a while as he is currently between classes at nursery, they send him to the next class for a little bit each time he is there (only once a week so this could be a long slow build up!). When he moved from the baby class to little toddler class (January of this year) it happened so quickly; he visited the big boy class, came back to the baby class and when everyone played outside he joined the big boys and walked inside with them – I’m going to the big boy class thank you very much and that was it! Two days of build up and he was done.

It doesn’t seem fair to expect him to deal with two growing up changes at once (leaving Miss Sarah and Miss Mel at nursery will be a wrench) so I’ll put potty training off. On the few days that it was warm enough to let him outside naked I would have worried about him getting sunburn so autumn/ winter training it is!

Today has been a normal dull day so far. I’ve washed and sterilised the pump and bottles, expressed, stripped Ben’s bed and Ciaran’s cot, washed the sheets, gone to Tesco’s and spent a fortune (I love innocent veggie pots but they are an expensive lunch time indulgence). Got the boys napping and made lunch. I really need to pull my finger out and dust and hoover upstairs (and downstairs really) but I hate housework in the afternoon.

Ben has got the hang of naughty corner, he keeps sending his Daddy to the corner “Corner, now, please”!!


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