Fenugreek – wowee!

Wow I started taking fenugreek on Friday afternoon, I take one capsule three times a day and it has already boosted my milk. I haven’t expressed much since I got back from holiday and expressed this morning, normally if I haven’t bothered for a while I struggle to express a measly ounce but today after feeding Ciaran I expressed a whole 3 ounces with no great trouble.

I feel fuller and am engorged again in the mornings, I don’t know if taking the tablets has made me more relaxed about producing enough milk and therefore boosted my supply or if they are genuinely doing something but I’m delighted with the results.

Yesterday we had a nice day out with the boys, we visited the peace pagoda (not very peaceful when Ben was disturbing the art outside – well the dust covered trike symbolising the nuclear bombing of japan was tempting to him!) and Buddist temple at Willen Lake before swinging to Nando’s for lunch and Asda for a big clothes shop. I’m off to lunch at my parents with the boys today while poor hubby slogs away on some work in peace and quiet.

PS… I haven’t started to smell like a maple syrup covered curry (a side effect of Fenugreek) yet and Ciaran is sleeping through again!



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2 responses to “Fenugreek – wowee!

  1. LiquoriceT

    I used fenugreek to increase my milk supply too and found it marvellous. Beware another side effect of horrendous smelly wind! (No one really tells you about that one!)

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