Just when you think you’ve got it sorted…

Routine – hah! A week ago we came back from our hols with Ciaran sleeping through and Ben sleeping through again! Well done us we thought, both kids asleep every night by 8:30pm and peace until just before 7 in the morning. Children know when you become complacent and love to lull you into a false sense of security before BAM they hit you with a curve ball.

Ciaran started the trend by deciding on Tuesday night not to sleep through, he got up at 4 had a feed and went back to sleep. The next night he was up at midnight and 4am for a feed. He also became very hard to settle at night, crying and grumbling. Thursday night was a whole new low for me.

I took Ciaran up around half six, gave him a nice bath, dried him and started feeding him. He was drifting off to sleep when his Daddy came up in to ask me to settle Ben as he was off for a squash match. Ciaran was popped into the cot and Ben was quickly settled down (its just a case of a quick cuddle and telling him to cuddle bunny rabbit to sleep). Back to Ciaran at 8pm.

I then spent an hour feeling increasingly desperate as I fed Ciaran, I tried feeding in the nursery (he didn’t like the chair), I tried feeding in the bedroom with the TV on (he didn’t like that), I tried feeding in the bedroom with the TV off (he didn’t like that). Eventually at 9 I went downstairs and stuck some Pop Pop popcorn in the microwave figuring that Ciaran would just have to sit up with me and watch Mock the Week.

Amazingly by the time the pop corn stopped popping the baby had stopped screaming and I cracked open a San Miguel and collapsed onto the sofa with my popcorn. I was up in the night with both kids (first Ciaran at 1, and then up again with Ben at 2pm.

Friday morning I was up at 6.30 with both little boys (the biggest of the boys elected to have an extra half hour sleep in his bed) so I decided that today I would actively seek to exhaust my children. Once Daddy was up I wrangled him into watching the kids while I showered and then at 9am Ben, Ciaran and I set off in the stroller and buggy board to play group.

An old school friend of mine (very old as we go back to 1985!) runs the group on the other side of town. I thought that it would normally take 20 minutes to get there so a half hour allowed plenty of time. I forgot that the buggy board added weight to the stroller, Ben added weight to the stroller and I would be pushing it in an arkward position. I eventually rolled up exhausted and panting. I had also forgotton how un-child friendly the mean streets of Flitwick are. There is a major absence of dropped kerbs (not a big issue unless you are pushing a wheelchair or heavy double buggy) and in some streets the pavement suddenly stops and turns into grass verges.

Ben had a good time at Jelly Tots enjoyed having his squash and fruit with the other children and loved his biccie as well. I loved seeing other mums (not the scary competitive NCT type I remember from when Ben was a baby) and Ciaran was happy to sit in a bouncy chair and stare at all the children. Lunch at my Mum and Dads afterwards (picking a couple of sneaky blackberries on the way as Ben’s appetiser) was a bit of a disaster. Ben refused to try his risotto, eventually had five spoons before running away and being coaxed back to the table with toast and jam.

We spent the afternoon playing with my parents before the walk home, more playing with Daddy and then bed for the boys. As it had cooled down I put Ciaran in a vest and 1 tog sleeping bag which miraculously worked! He went down into his cot around half seven and stayed there until 7 this morning. Ben was unsettled but as his Daddy had been playing with him and making him laugh right before he slept he was a little unsettled.

I’ve started taking Fenugreek in case Ciaran is just struggling to get enough milk and already feel a bit fuller than normal. Fingers crossed for both boys sleeping through tonight!


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