Nappy nightmares

Two boys with two red little bottoms. Ben started the trend with nappy rash on Saturday morning.  How we managed to let him get such bad nappy rash is beyond me, he must have laid in poo for the whole night and our usual treatment of sudacream is not working so this evening he had half an hour running around nudey dudey before bed to air his sore little bottom – he screams when we clean it so we need to sort it out.

I’ve only just got Ciaran down to sleep tonight. He went down OK around 7, woke up grumbling and then screaming 20 minutes later. When I tried to feed him he was writhing in agony, desperate to latch on but pulling his body around, I tried holding him securely against my tummy but that made it worst. Burping him was a nightmare – I tried to sit him forward he launched himself backwards. Eventually Daddy took over and agreed that Ciaran was in pain.

As a last resort we decided to change his nappy and eureka. At some point he had wriggled, crumpled up the top of his nappy and it had rubbed against his tummy leaving a red raw mark. Pressing his tummy against me to feed him and trying to sit him forward hadn’t helped. Sudacream and a clean nappy wasn’t enough to  stop the hysterical tears so we tipped a spoon of Calpol into his open mouth and gave him some nudey dudey time on the bed before a gentle breast feed and finally at 10pm we have two sleeping tots.


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