This is our lives on holiday….. (or at least will be)

My husband is great! He’s got a few days off next week and had planned to take the boys to the coast but a 2 hour car drive each way would be too much, so he suggested staying over night. I pointed out that if we were in a hotel we need to sleep when the boys sleep so he has booked a four night mid-week break in a 2 bed caravan in Hastings! Hurrah!!

We would have gone to Norfolk but there was little left for Monday and what we could find was expensive so we’ve forked out £290 for the privellege of spending 4 nights in a small caravan in St Leonards (the other side of hastings from the nuclear power station).

I’m trying to plan the journey and feed requirements. As its a holiday I’m going to relax my normal  rules on no sugary cereal and buy Ben a variety pack for breakfast (I’ll still pack shredded wheat bitesize for me and DH as a bowl of sugar coated air doesn’t seem to fill us up) – I also need to get some go-ahead bars for Ben to eat in the car, and I need to work out if I need the breast pump, bottles and steriliser for the few nights we are away…

On another great point last night I went into Ben’s room as he wasn’t settling for his Dad, explained he needed to cuddle Bunny and Doggy to sleep, stay in his bed and be nice and quiet – and he was all night until quarter to seven! We haven’t had Ben sleep through like that for a few weeks so I’m really proud of him.

Choices choices and I am so excited, all of the anticipation and planning for a holiday crammed into 2 days!! Woo hoo!


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