First love

For ages now we have been trying to get Ben to say I love you. We say it to him all the time and today for the first time ever he professed his love for… porridge.

I hadn’t had a breakfast yet, so I said to him (after settling Ciaran for his morning nap) “come on lets get mummy some breakfast”. He managed to open the large cupboard find the porridge box and bring it out shouting “pordge, pordge”. So as I made my shredded wheat bitesize and skimmed milk I got an oat so simple sachet out for him (apple and blueberry – I got a mixed pack a while ago to let him try differnt flavours and to make a change from the normal stove porridge or sachets of tesco’s healthy living ) mixed it up and defused an impatience tantrum (he wanted it now and the microwave was too slow).

As I added a little cold milk to it he looked up at me, tugged on my skirt and said “I love pordge” and judging from the contented moans of happiness as he sits eating it – he really does.


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