Nocturnal naughtiness

Quick post – aaaaaaarrrgh (frustrated scream)

Our great bedtime routine is up the creek tonight. Ciaran has a cold and has fallen asleep two times, each time being woken by his noisy brother and now refuses to go back to sleep.

Ben – on a more positive count put himself to sleep tonight, his Daddy and I wouldn’t cuddle him to sleep, after a few failed attempts by Daddy (Ben screamed and stormed onto the landing) I came in as a ‘bad cop’ and told him that he has to be quiet as he had woken Ciaran up (again) and that he needed to stay in bed with his toys. I explained that doggy needed to go to sleep so Ben had to stay and cuddle him quietly. ‘Bad cop’ worked – I have a feeling I am going to end up as the family disciplinarian.

In desperation with Ciaran I have asked his Daddy to go up and have a go at jiggling him to sleep, sometimes a different smelling person works wonders.

On another more positive note I went to weightwatchers today (I missed last weeks weigh in) and found that I have lost another 3lb taking my total to 6lb lost over three weeks. Wooo hooo. Now after a nightmare night with Ciaran I need a treat – Frys Turkish Delight is 3 points of indulgence or a bottle of lager for 2 points – choices choices!


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