Reasons to be cheerful, one, two, three

I’m sorry – my Dad used to be a DJ before I was born (he even had a residency – albeit in Leighton Buzzard!) and my sister and I grew up listening to an eclectic mix of songs and both have a soft spot for Ian Drury. Here’s my reasons to be cheerful today.

1. Ciaran laughing at me and grinning when I sing “hello hello” to him. Its the theme tune from Something Special, and Ciaran we really are glad you came to us and you are something very special to me. It melts my heart to see that wide mouth silent laugh, and today for the first time I heard a little chuckle as well which cracked me up.

2. Ben’s slobbery cuddles and kisses for everyone. Ben has become an incredibly affectionate and polite little boy (I’ve jinxed myself now!) always kissing me, his Dad, his nan, Ciaran and my sister. He has also discovered please and sorry recently. The sorry came along from my naughty corner attempts, after his two minutes I would explain why he had been bad and ask him to say sorry and give me a kiss and hug. Now he loves to throw his arms around us and say sorry for trifling little things or larger things like braining his Daddy with a toy. I can’t believe how well Ben has adapted to being a big brother. I think he is young enough now to not remember life before Ciaran and just accepts that Mummy spends a lot of time feeding Ciaran and Ciaran needs lots of love from everyone.

3. A big bunch of yellow and blue flowers in one window, a bunch of lillies in the other. Every girl loves a few blooms and it reminds me of how happy I was when we got married. I begged my parents to let me wait outside the house for the car to come back once it had taken the bridesmaids – for some reason they weren’t so keen on me running around the street in a massive meringue, I was so excited I probably would have insisted on walking to the church to get there quickly!

Bit of a dull day today. Washing out, boys now napping (Ciaran slept fine in the big cot last night and is having his second nap of the day in there now, all snug in a grobag). My Mum sat with the kids while I shopped. I was hoping to get a couple of skate wings or sea bream fillets but settled instead for two frozen dover sole fillets. I’ve now got my fingers, toes and everything else crossed that I can cook it and that hubby can eat it (he loves some fish, hates others – I hope this falls in the love category!).


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