Holiday at home (pt2)

We’re at the end of a lovely week. Our holiday at home has been a major sucess and like all holidays I am now on the end of holiday downer.

On Thursday Daddy kindly took the boys, my Mum and I to the zoo. Amazingly Ben loved it – his favourite animals were the spiders (shudder) closely followed by the bear and hippo’s (hippys as he called them!). We all had a lovely day and were exhausted at the end of the day (the trip to the zoo was finished with the traditional trip to the shop where Ben got a cuddly parrot (a macaw like the ones we saw in the bird show) and two noisy toys (you throw them on the floor and it sounds like they are being killed – typically this amuses a young child).

Friday was a chill out day, Daddy caught up on gardening while I played with the boys. My little sister came home on Friday night so she came over on Saturday to see her nephews and joined us for a lunch at Nando’s followed by a walk along the canal picking the early blackberries for Ben. When we got home I was suprised with a huge bouquet of flowers from Daddy, ready for our wedding anniversary on Sunday. 

In the evening my cousin, his partner and sister joined us for a curry (its OK I had chicken tikka and counted the points for a poppadom and mango chutney), we all had a nice drink (except poor pregnant Ria who was drinking pretend beer all night) and a good evening before Ben decided as everyone left to be a rotter all night, waking up three times and each time his Daddy went to him, leaving me to sleep ready for Ciaran if he needed me (which he didn’t!).

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary. 6 happy years and two beautiful boys. To celebrate we jointly cooked a steak lunch (I did the mushrooms and potato’s, Daddy did the steak and pepper sauce) and after the boys had both napped walked to the shops and park. Ben and Daddy had an ice-cream to get their strength back ready for the swings.

Tonight is also a big night as Ciaran is sleeping in the cot in the nursery. The blissful evenings of sitting in bed with the TV on and hearing a baby snuffle and snore next to my bed are now over. We have both said a third child is not on the cards for a few years (if at all) so it was a big wrench to move him out of the last trapping of his newborn days. The move to the nursery also brought home how grown up Ben is now, as I dried Ciaran on the nursery floor I remembered all the times I had sat in the same spot drying Ben, laughing as he learned to roll away from me and the clean nappy and marvelling at his development.

Both boys are growing up fast, and to mark the big move I am using some of my saved points for a glass of wine, packet of french fries and turkish delight on the sofa with my lovely hubby.


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