Swine Flu??

The boys had been poorly earlier in the week, they were feverish, grumpy and a little tired (Ben said he had a sore throat and ear ache, but he will also say yes if you ask if he saw a flying pig). I assumed this was a very nasty summer cold, it couldn’t be swine flu as flu knocks you flat (I had proper flu a year ago and spent a week in bed hardly able to move my head).

Anyhow on Tuesday night I sat in bed feeding Ciaran and put Holby City on, I was instantly confused, why had all the actors been replaced – you dont have actors being replaced anymore, if an actor wants to leave the character is written out, I also had a big zig zag line going across my eyes and a sudden thumping headache. Funny vision, knackered and a bad head = migraine. Which was to be expected after looking after poorly kiddies. When Ciaran was done I grabbed some paracetamol and went to sleep.

I got Daddy to come home early on Wednesday as I had a stinking migraine and didn’t think I would last the day with two still poorly tots. My head was thumping and I felt seriously dehydrated (shaky with a pounding heart, hangover without the fun) and exhausted. I managed to get a short lie down before being needed downstairs to arbitrate in world war three (Choc Daddy/ No Ben, put down the remote Ben… don’t throw the remote Ben…. bring it here etc…) I slumped on the sofa and started shaking, great I now had a fever on top of a migraine. Migraine and the kids cold all together. Fab. I used the wildly innacurate forehead strip thermometer which said my temperature was between 38-39 degree’s, so I was genuinely poorly.

I had a bad nights sleep – one minute covered in sweat kicking off the covers, shivering and desperately cold the next and by this point all my joints were painful. I took a double dose of painkillers on Thursday morning (2 ibuprofen and 2 paracetamol) and went to Milton Keynes with my Mum and the kids, reasoning that the best thing to do with a cold was get up and get going. I took Ben to milkshake shop for a terry’s chocolate orange shake and a bag of iced gems while my Mum braved the M&S sale. That afternoon when Daddy got home and found I was still feverish he checked the symptoms of swine flu – and what do you know headache was one of them.

He suggested I call the pandemic service who were scarily keen to diagnose suspected swine flu and prescribe Tamiflu despite the following facts
1. I had the symptoms but they weren’t really really severe.
2. I had been managing so far with painkillers and my lovely soda stream supply of water.
3. I am breast feeding.

I asked what I should do about the kids as they had given it to me and were still slightly snotty and feverish and was told to call the GP. I spoke to a nurse who said it wasn’t worth giving them tamiflu as they were clearly over the worst of it, and that it was normally very mild like they (and I) had.

On Friday Daddy bravely drove to Kempston, got past the police to get my tamiflu brought it home and then we discovered that breastfeeding mothers needed to talk to their doctor before taking the tablets. Knowing that GP’s aren’t breastfeeding experts I called a friend of the family who is a breast feeding specialist midwife (good friend to have!), she looked it up and told me that Tamiflu was only moderately safe for breastfeeding Mums and only recommended for use if there was an underlying condition as it had only limited effectiveness. So.. the governments wonder drug isn’t that good.

I’m feeling much better now – still achey bones and a bit feverish but much better and the dreaded swine flu wasn’t that bad.


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