The house of snot and other fun things!

Both boys are poorly (aaah). They can’t stop sneezing their noses are blocked (Ciaran has huge bogies or thick snot streams, Ben’s just runs all the time), Ben has a sore throat and keeps grabbing his ears and both have been feverish. Add to the fun the letter I just got from nursery saying that one child is being treated for swine flu (yikes!) and its a fun house. I am old enough and sensible enough to know that my tots don’t have swine flu, just a very nasty cold, but I do hope that this doesn’t wear them down a little making them more suspceptible (some years I seem to go through the winter catching one cold after the other, getting more and more run down and likely to catch another).

Ben has been better today and managed to eat three fish fingers, a cherry tomato and a couple of oven chips today for his lunch (I decided that toddler comfort food would help him recover). Both boys are currently napping after a morning of playing with me, the Tesco delivery man and Nanny (who came over to watch Ben while me and Ciaran went to get weighed). After a week of self discipline and a growing addiction to Mullerlight chocolate edition I have lost ….. 2.5lb! Its not as exciting as when I’ve done it before (I lost 4lb in my first week last time I did ww) but as my Mum said I have less than a stone to lose and I have to eat well and lose weight slowly as I am breast feeding. I’m doing the simply filling food version of the plan as this allows me to eat until I am comfortably full and I dont have to worry about counting every point.

I am pleased with my efforts and hope that all the fruit and veg I am eating will ward off any swine flu as I have two kids and a husband to look after!


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