Super Dooper Day

My boys are great little things. Ciaran has napped twice today in his moses basket (admittedly he kept grizzling through his lunchtime nap but its a start) and is in bed now. Ciaran has also been very smiley and my Mum was commenting on how alert he is for a baby his age (11 weeks). He loves lying down on his play mat and looking at the soft toys hanging over him and can be left like this for 15 minutes. 15 minutes of lying down might not sound like much but Ciaran has spent most of his life being cuddled or held to prevent his brother accidently landing on him.

I decided today with Ben to praise the positive, even if it was only that he wasn’t misbehaving which kind of makes sense, for example I took both boys to weightwatchers this morning and Ben had to walk from the car to the library with me, queue up for me to sign in, stand next to me (without any hand holding) while I filled out the forms, queue up again for me to be weighed, keep being moved out of the way as people got hot drinks over his head, wait for me to be weighed and have a very brief discussion with the leader and then queue a final time to pay and sign up for monthly pass. Thats a lot of chances to run around, shout, steal handbags or shoes etc… instead Ben stood patiently by my side, occasionally looking a little unhappy and asking to go to the car. I kept telling him how good he was being – the old biddies behind must have wondered why I was praising him for not doing much at all but with a toddler doing very little can be a great achievement in public.

I didnt want to push it by making him sit through the full meeting so after weighing and signing in I left the meeting and let Ben pick a book from the library. We went home where I fed a crying Ciaran gave Ben some toast as a snack (he actually asked for it – Mama – toast) and a packet of raisins (he loves raisins) and then we headed out again to get some food from Tesco’s for lunch and dinner. He was a little naughty at lunch time (pushing his plate off the table and spilling jacket potato and tuna all over the floor) but on the positives again he napped well and behaved well when I took him over to my Mum and Dads for a quick visit. Unusually my Mum was able to spend a long time with Ciaran as Ben was happy to be a good boy and play with me rather than expecting every adult to focus just on him. Again a huge achievement for a boy in the terrible two’s.

He didn’t eat much tea (bolognase and pasta) but his Daddy had finished it and it may have had a little too much worcestershire sauce for Ben’s taste, he wolfed down a yoghurt – I have never seen a yoghurt pot that clean and then got quite grumpy. He was wriggling on my lap so I asked if he had tummy ache and he did – he kept pressing his tummy, so I took this as a pre potty training chance, I asked if he felt like was going to poo as he looked as if he was straining and I got a little whispered yes. Several loud blow offs later his tummy ache was all better but at least he is getting to understand straining happens before a poo.

My Mum came round at 7 to babysit – Ben was washed and ready to go up to bed when he was tired and Daddy and I went to parents evening at the nursery – very nice wine and canape’s were served in the garden (the nursery uses organic this and that and aberdeen angus beef in the freshly prepared meals each day so the parents snacks have to be high quality) and we had a chat to his swimming teacher and key worker. Ben is likely to be moving up to the third class soon, and she said that her and the other teacher really do miss having Ben in more now that he is one day a week. I know they are paid to say nice things, but the nursery prides itself on honesty, when Ben joined and was the baby from hell nobody was telling me how nice he was, just that he would settle eventually. He is very affectionate and will run up to other children to kiss and rub them if they hurt themselves and seems to be the insitigator of messy play (tipping the whole bag of flour onto the floor when they made play dough etc…).

All in all I felt really proud of my little man, I doubt he has behaved that much better today than normal but in trying to notice all the good things he does I’ve appreciated that he is behaving very well for a normal healthy two year old.

I’m full of love (and a glass of wine) for my boys.


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