Routine – what’s that when it’s at home?

Aaaagh – when Ben was this age he had an excellent routine of sleeping thru for 12 hours and having three decent naps (about 45 minutes in the morning, 1 1/2 hours at lunch and about 45 minutes in the afternoon). Ciaran doesn’t do routines. Ben would be put in the moses basket dozy but alert – Ciaran doesn’t do dozy but alert.

I am not sure how much of this is down to them being different children and how much is down to bottle v breast. I asked my Mum how she got me and my sister into routines, as we just fell into a routine with Ben; she said it was different as babies were bottle fed and had to go at least 3 hours between bottles. I don’t want to move to formula in the hope that it will settle Ciaran into a routine only to find that all I’ve done is give myself extra washing, sterilising and making up of bottles with no benefit.

Ciaran is finally napping, eventually we went upstairs, drew the curtains and had a tiny breast feed before he fell asleep with a smile on his face and was put in the moses basket. I firmly believe that children need a routine, but have no idea how to tell Ciaran this, and dont want to leave him to cry it out for hours on end.

OPeration potty training took a step forward yesterday, we had got Ben a nice book about a pig and duck using a potty and yesterday he took his shorts and nappy off and kicked his nappy across the room (just like nappy ducky). We let him play with his trains naked and kept asking if he wanted to use the potty – no mama. Eventually as I was upstairs with Ciaran he wee’d on the carpet. No big problem we just cleaned him and the carpet and asked him to wee in the potty next time. He doesn’t like his potty much, he will only sit on it for about 30 seconds (fully clothed) if we promise him a sticker. My Mum mentioned musical potties but I didnt see any at Milton Keynes at the weekend so I’ll have to check out amazon and ebay.


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