Last night we were desperately trying to get both boys asleep by 9 so that I could watch Torchwood with hubby. I’d made the meat mix and tomato mix for enchillada’s in the daytime so when DH got home I assembled and cooked dinner, he ate while I fed Ciaran and then I ate my portion (much less spicy when you follow the recipe and deseed the chillis – hubby doesnt bother and I actually prefer the blow your mouth off heat in his version). At 6.30 we started the long walk to bedtime.

Ben and his Daddy came up to help me give Ciaran a bath, Ben loves giving his brother a bath saying Kiki splash, Kiki wash. Ben also took a great deal of pleasure in washing his brothers hair (brothers can be mean little things!). Anyway when Ciaran was washed, dried and dressed for bed I settled down on my bed with him while Daddy and Ben went downstairs, I had suggested a bowl of cherries for supper, instead they had chocolate (Daddy) and a Go Ahead yoghurt bar (Ben).

Around 7.30 the boys came upstairs, Ciaran was well fed and fafirly comfortable so I left him for a minute to get Ben undressed and nappy changed (along with a quick chat about how nice it will be when he can wear big boy pants and wont need nappy changes) while Daddy warmed up a bottle of milk. By the time Daddy was back Ciaran was whinging (I wasn’t joking about evenings being one long feeding session). I managed to get Daddy to pull his guitar and bedside table out and switch the power on so that I could watch TV in bed while feeding Ciaran – hurray for Tuesday evening TV.

Ben toddled off to bed with his bottle and Daddy after a good night kiss for me and Ciaran. 15 minutes later Daddy and Ben were back in front of me. Apparently Ben was spooked becuase as he was drifting off his Daddy had decided to pretend his hand was a spider that wanted Ben to go to sleep (?!). Ben had burst into tears, so we asked Ben if he was scared and he said “Yeessss, pider”. So we all trooped back into Ben’s room to make sure that all the spiders had gone away, we looked under the duvet and under the pillow – no spiders. All the while Daddy kept up a running commentary of “If we find a spider Mummy’ll scream and cry”.

Not trusting Daddy to behave I sent him to our room to cuddle Ciaran while I cuddled Ben who didn’t look very sleepy now. I gave him 5 minutes and then told him to cuddle up to doggy and bunny and go to sleep. Ciaran attempted to wrestle me, simultaneously crying to be fed and pushing me away when we heard a thud thud, Daddy left the room to see if anyone was at the front door and we found Ben sitting by the door of his bedroom with doggy and bunny. I sat down with him and explained that he needed to stay in bed and Daddy got back in for a cuddle (under strict orders to behave this time).

I hopped back into bed with a turkish delight, Holby City and some water and carried on Ciaran wrestling. When Ben was drifting off Daddy left him (we try to leave before he is asleep) and came in with a cup of tea (fab!) at this point we discovered the cause of Ciaran’s wrestling he had a tummy ache and pooed loudly in my arms before sucking happily much to his Daddies amusement.

When he’d finished that boob I changed his nappy – very pooey and put him back on the other with him drifting off full up and happy just after 9 allowing me to run down the stairs and watch torchwood with Daddy. Sadly as he hadn’t watched the first episode he kept asking questions and was then sent to the office with his questions and supper of fish cakes (his stomach is a bottomless pit).

I was quite glad – John Barrowmans bottom is best enjoyed without ones husband. All in a long hard slog but it worked and we just have to keep trying. My only gripe with Torchwood and the world in general is why only 5 episodes?


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